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How to Use Shortcut Keys in CorelDRAW

posted by: Anastasiia Kucherenko, in Articles / Theory/ Comments: 2

This article is all about shortcut keys for CorelDRAW, and the corresponding options on the Menu bar. Knowing the shortcuts you will definitely save your time when drawing in CorelDRAW.

Here are some of the most useful you might need:

If you want to align the objects to one of the sides, centre, etc. go to Arrange > Align and Distribute > (Align Left/ Right/ Top/ Bottom/ Centers Horisontally/ Centres Vertically/ Centre to Page), or press L, R, T, B, E, C, P respectively:

So, in the example below I aligned the objects to the Left. To do this just select all of them and click "L” or go to Arrange > Aligh and Distribute > Align Left:

To transform your objects go to Arrange > Trasformations > (Position (Alt+F7)/ Rotate  (Alt+F8)/ Scale (Alt+F9)/ Size (Alt+F10):

After you click at one of your options, there will appear a docker on the right side of your window, where you can chose the precise angle of rotation, as well as the position on the page, scale and size the object you need:

Very often you work with the groups of objects; for this you will have to know how to group the opbects, ungroup them, brake them apart and combine them. To be able to do so go to Arrange > Group (Ctrl+G)/ ungroup (Ctrl+U), break apart (Ctrl+L)/ combine (Ctrl+K):

To order the object or the group of objects to one or a few layers back or forward, go to Arrange > Order > :

These are the basic and very important shortcuts for arranging obects in CorelDraw.

And here is the list of all shortcuts for CorelDraw (the list taken from here). Hope you find it useful:

Align BottomBAligns selected objects to the bottom
Align Centers HorizontallyEHorizontally aligns the centers of the selected objects
Align Centers VerticallyCVertically aligns the centers of the selected objects
Align LeftLAligns selected objects to the left
Align RightRAligns selected objects to the right
Align To BaselineAlt+F12Aligns text to the baseline
Align TopTAligns selected objects to the top
Artistic MediaIDraws curves and applies Preset, Brush, Spray, Calligraphic or Pressure Sensitive effe
Back OneCtrl+PgDnBack One
Break ApartCtrl+KBreaks apart the selected object
Bring up Property BarCtrl+EnterBrings up the Property Bar and gives focus to the first visible item that can be tabbed to
Center to PagePAligns the centers of the selected objects to page
Character FormattingCtrl+TCharacter Formatting
Color Balance…Ctrl+Shift+BColor Balance
CombineCtrl+LCombines the selected objects
ContourCtrl+F9Opens the Contour Docker Window
ConvertCtrl+F8Converts artistic text to paragraph text or vice versa
Convert Outline To ObjectCtrl+Shift+QConverts an outline to an object
Convert To CurvesCtrl+QConverts the selected object to a curve
CopyCtrl+CCopies the selection and places it on the Clipboard
CopyCtrl+InsertCopies the selection and places it on the Clipboard
CutCtrl+XCuts the selection and places it on the Clipboard
CutShift+DeleteCuts the selection and places it on the Clipboard
DeleteDeleteDeletes the selected object(s)
Distribute BottomShift+BDistributes selected objects to the bottom
Distribute Centers HorizontallyShift+EHorizontally Distributes the centers of the selected objects
Distribute Centers VerticallyShift+CVertically Distributes the centers of the selected objects
Distribute LeftShift+LDistributes selected objects to the left
Distribute RightShift+RDistributes selected objects to the right
Distribute Spacing HorizontallyShift+PHorizontally Distributes the space between the selected
Distribute Spacing VerticallyShift+AVertically Distributes the space between the selected objects
Distribute TopShift+TDistributes selected objects to the top
DuplicateCtrl+DDuplicates the selected object(s) and offsets by a specified amount
Duplicate In Place+Duplicates the selected object(s) at their current location
Dynamic GuidesAlt+Shift+DShows or hides the Dynamic Guides (toggle)
Edit Text…Ctrl+Shift+TOpens the Edit Text dialog box
EllipseF7Draws ellipses and circles; double-clicking the tool opens the Toolbox tab of the Option
EnvelopeCtrl+F7Opens the Envelope Docker Window
EraserXErases part of a graphic or splits an object into two closed paths
ExitAlt+F4Exits CorelDRAW and prompts to save the active drawing
Export…Ctrl+EExports text or objects to another format
Font Size DecreaseCtrl+NUMPAD2Decreases font size to previous point size
Font Size IncreaseCtrl+NUMPAD8Increases font size to next point size
Font Size Next Combo SizeCtrl+NUMPAD6Increase font size to next setting in Font Size List
Font Size Previous Combo SizeCtrl+NUMPAD4Decrease font size to previous setting available in the Font Size List
Forward OneCtrl+PgUpForward One
Fountain Fill…F11Applies fountain fills to objects
FreehandF5Draws lines and curves in Freehand mode
Full-Screen PreviewF9Displays a full-screen preview of the drawing
Graph PaperDDraws a group of rectangles; double-clicking opens the Toolbox tab of the Options dial
Graphic and Text StylesCtrl+F5Opens the Graphic and Text Styles Docker Window
GroupCtrl+GGroups the selected objects
HandHHand Tool
Horizontal Text CCtrl+,Changes the text to horizontal direction
Import…Ctrl+IImports text or objects
Insert Symbol CharacterCtrl+F11Opens the Insert Character Docker Window
Interactive FillGAdds a fill to object(s); clicking and dragging on object(s) applies a fountain fill
LensAlt+F3Opens the Lens Docker Window
LinearAlt+F2Contains functions for assigning attributes to linear dimension lines
Macro Editor…Alt+F11Macro Editor…
Mesh FillMConverts an object to a Mesh Fill object
Micro Nudge DownCtrl+DnArrowNudges the object downward by the Micro Nudge factor
Micro Nudge LeftCtrl+LeftArrowNudges the object to the left by the Micro Nudge factor
Micro Nudge RightCtrl+RightArrowNudges the object to the right by the Micro Nudge factor
Micro Nudge UpCtrl+UpArrowNudges the object upward by the Micro Nudge factor
NavigatorNBrings up the Navigator window allowing you to navigate to any object in the document
NewCtrl+NCreates a new drawing
Next PagePgDnGoes to the next page
Nudge DownDnArrowNudges the object downward
Nudge LeftLeftArrowNudges the object to the left
Nudge RightRightArrowNudges the object to the right
Nudge UpUpArrowNudges the object upw
Open…Ctrl+OOpens an existing drawing
Options…Ctrl+JOpens the dialog for setting CorelDRAW options
Outline Color…Shift+F12Opens the Outline Color dialog box
Outline Pen…F12Opens the Outline Pen dialog box
Pan DownAlt+DnArrowPan Down
Pan LeftAlt+LeftArrowPan Left
Pan RightAlt+RightArrowPan Right
Pan UpAlt+UpArrowPan Up
PasteCtrl+VPastes the Clipboard contents into the drawing
PasteShift+InsertPastes the Clipboard contents into the drawing
Place Inside Container…Ctrl+1Places selected object(s) into a PowerClip container object
PolygonYDraws polygons
PositionAlt+F7Opens the Position Docker Window
Previous PagePgUpGoes to the previous page
Print…Ctrl+PPrints the active drawing
PropertiesAlt+EnterAllows the properties of an object to be viewed and edited
Record Temporary MacroCtrl+Shift+RRecord Temporary Macro
RectangleF6Draws rectangles; double-clicking the tool creates a page frame
RedoCtrl+Shift+ZReverses the last Undo operation
Refresh WindowCtrl+WRedraws the drawing window
RepeatCtrl+RRepeats the last operation
RotateAlt+F8Opens the Rotate Docker Window
Run Temporary MacroCtrl+Shift+PRun Temporary Macro
Save As… SCtrl+Shift+Saves the active drawing with a new name
Save…Ctrl+SSaves the active drawing
ScaleAlt+F9 WindowOpens the Scale Docker
Select allCtrl+ASelect all object of the active page
ShapeF10Edits the nodes of an object; double-clicking the tool selects all nodes on the selected
SizeAlt+F10 WindowOpens the Size Docker
Smart DrawingShift+S Dbl-clickopens Smart Drawing Tool options; Shift+drag backwards over line erases
Snap to GridCtrl+YSnaps objects to the grid (toggle)
Snap to ObjectsAlt+ZSnaps objects to other objects (toggle)
Spell Check…Ctrl+F12Opens the Spell Checker; checks the spelling of the selected text
SpiralADraws spirals; double-clicking opens the Toolbox tab of the Options dialog
Step and Repeat…Ctrl+Shift+DShows Step and Repeat docker
Stop RecordingCtrl+Shift+OStop Recording
Super Nudge DownShift+DnArrowNudges the object downward by the Super Nudge factor
Super Nudge LeftShift+LeftArrowNudges the object to the left by the Super Nudge factor
Super Nudge RightShift+RightArrowNudges the object to the right by the Super Nudge factor
Super Nudge UpShift+UpArrowNudges the object upward by the Super Nudge factor
Symbol ManagerCtrl+F3Symbol Manager Docker
TextF8Adds text; click on the page to add Artistic Text; click and drag to add Paragraph Text
To Back Of LayerShift+PgDnTo Back Of Layer
To Back Of PageCtrl+EndTo Back Of Page
To Front Of LayerShift+PgUpTo Front Of Layer
To Front Of PageCtrl+HomeTo Front Of Page
Toggle Pick StateCtrl+SpaceToggles between the current tool and the Pick tool
Toggle ViewShift+F9Toggles between the last two used view qualities
UndoCtrl+ZReverses the last operation
UndoAlt+BackspaceReverses the last operation
UngroupCtrl+UUngroups the selected objects or group of objects
Uniform Fill…Shift+F11Applies uniform color fills to objects
Use bulletsCtrl+MShow/Hide Bullet
Vertical TextCtrl+.Changes the text to vertical
View ManagerCtrl+F2Opens the View Manager Docker Window
What’s This?Shift+F1What’s This? Help
ZoomZZoom Tool
Zoom One-ShotF2
Zoom OutF3Zoom Out
Zoom To FitF4Zoom To All Objects
Zoom To PageShift+F4Zoom To Page
Zoom To SelectionShift+F2Zoom To Selected


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1 mohhhammed Arif Khan   (2013 Apr 18 03:32)
its a very use ful site
thanks for help smile

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2 Abdul   (2014 Nov 25 17:01)
This is cool, and very helpful to someone like me #bigthanks

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