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Paint Brush and DynamicSketch – The Differences

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Theory/ Comments: 0

In today's article you'll learn the difference between the Paint Brush and DynamicSketch functions. Although both of these tools are used for the same purpose, DynamicSketch has many convenient and intelligent functions that Paint Brush doesn’t.

Tool settings

To draw with Paint Brush, you need to set up a brush in a dialog box (double click on the brush icon in the Brushes panel). Within the dialog box you can amend settings such as the stroke limits for width and the relationship of the width to the pressure of the Wacom Pen.

If you want to set the smoothness of the path, you will have to open another dialog box by double clicking the tool icon in the tools panel and then selecting Paint Brush Tool Options.

In the case of the DynamicSketch tool, all the commonly used options are located in the same panel which means, they are more accessible because the panel is at hand during the whole drawing process.

There are many options for fine tuning the tool in the DynamicSketch Preference box, which can be opened by double clicking on the tool icon or pressing the Return/Enter key.


The stroke width preview of the Paint Brush always displays the color of the stroke.

You can change the stroke width preview color by pressing the 'C' key while drawing with DynamicSketch (Note: The preview color in DynamicSketch does not represent the actual color swatch selected with which you are drawing.)

Drawing with Paint Brush is available directly with the cursor. DynamicSketch has a Pulled Cursor that lets you connect a virtual string of a user-defined length between the cursor and the drawing point, allowing you to draw smoother curves as if drawing with a soft tip brush. You can set the string length in the DynamicSketch panel or use 'Up' and 'Down' arrow keys whilst drawing to increase/decrease the string length.

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