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New Features of Adobe Illustrator CC

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Theory/ Comments: 3

At the MAX conference, Adobe presented new features of Adobe Illustrator CC. They will be available by the end of June this year only in Creative Cloud. We have opportunity to use raster images for brushes creation; to control text objects is easier with the help of new Touch Type Tool and new Font Selection Menu; to import a couple of images into the document simultaneously; to synchronize preferences between multiple computers; to convert vector artwork into CSS and SVG code with the help of new CSS Extension; to transfer colors of surrounding world directly into Illustrator with new Adobe Kuler iPhone app; to deform objects with the help of Free Transform Tool using intuitively elements of control. Check out how it works!

What's New in Adobe Illustrator CC

Touch Type Tool

With the help of Touch Type Tool you can resize, rotate, and move the single letter of text object. Control is performed by means of markers that appear on the bounding box of the selected letter. In addition, the text is fully editable, i.e. it doesn’t lose its live properties.

Font Selection Menu

Font Selection Menu became more convenient. Now you can select the font not only by its name but also by the attributes as bold, italic and so on.

Switch between Point Type and Area Type

Now you can easily convert text object into area type and vice versa by clicking twice on the new marker on the bounding box.

Sync Settings Preferences

When you work on multiple computers, you need to synchronize preferences, for example such as custom shortcuts, in order not to do the same work twice. A new feature Sync Settings solves this problem.

Import of a Couple of Objects Simultaneously

We no longer need to insert one image into the document. Select a couple of images and paste them into necessary places using the "click and drag” method.

Raster Images in Brushes

We will be able to use the bitmap images as brushes. In addition, we can generate corner tile for Pattern brush automatically by choosing the suitable variant from pop-up menu in the Brush Options dialog box.

Free Transform Tool

Free Transform Tool has a new widget, which allows choosing a method for transforming between: Perspective distraction, Free distraction and Constrain distraction. Now we don’t need to use the modifier Command/Ctrl to select method of deformation. Control is performed with the help of the bounding box.

Export to CSS

New CSS Extension allows the conversion of vector graphics directly into CSS. More complex objects will be converted into SVG code. Hopefully, this feature will be useful for the web-developers.

Adobe Kuler iPhone app

The image on the screen of your iPhone can be converted into color theme for Adobe Kuler, which can be transferred to Adobe Illustrator and it will pop-up in new Kuler panel. The objects can be colored directly from this panel without transferring colors into the Swatches panel. Adobe Kuler iPhone app allows us the usage the colors of the world, which inspired you to create vector design.

Total comments: 2
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1 Clipping Path   (2014 Jan 09 02:01)
I am enjoying this new version smile CC. Thanks for this awesome article.

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2 Clipping Path   (2014 May 04 11:37)
With this new January 2014 release of Adobe Illustrator CC (17.1), we have a series of enhancements to existing features as well as a few new ones. The program continues to be tied into the Creative Cloud (CC) features, such as Typekit fonts, and several of the core features such as path editing and a few of the drawing tools, such as the Pencil tool, have been enhanced. I always pause a bit when I hear that anything to do with path creation/editing has changed, but I really believe these updates to be a step forward.

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