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Difference between Adobe Student and Teacher Editions with the Standard One

posted by: Brianne Walter, in Articles / Theory/ Comments: 1

Well we all are more or less familiar with the adobe products. Adobe being the global leader in digital media solutions, the products of the adobe helps the customers to manage, make, measure and edit the contents anywhere at any time. There are many products of adobe among which we will discuss here the differences between the adobe student and teacher edition with the standard one.

The commercial and student edition of adobe application is almost similar with respect to functionality. The difference is between pricing, licensing terms and the process of acquiring the license. The general differences are stated below:

Eligibility for buying

To buy adobe student edition one have to prove their eligibility as a student or teacher; otherwise adobe will not assign the license key for using the software. If the consumer is a student, then he/she has to be enrolled in some recognized and accredited college or university. To prove this, the customer has to produce valid student id, mark-sheet or some other documents. If the customer is a teacher, then he/she has to produce valid proof indicating that the person is employed to some educational institute. In case of the regular version, the consumer does not need to specify these details and can obtain the license key immediately.

Upgrading to newer edition

In case of the full version software, the existing software can be upgraded to the newer edition. Buying upgrade is cheaper than buying the total software suite again. But the student edition cannot be upgraded to newer student edition.

Pricing of the package

The price of the total creative suite package is unusually high, for example, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Extended price is US$999 and Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web premium costs US$1,899. But adobe provides an enormous amount of discount for the software bought for mainly learning purposes for the student. The Adobe Creative Suite 6 Student and Teacher Edition costs only US$ 249.

Licensing and other aspects

There some minor difference between actual product license and the license of student and teacher edition. The student and teacher edition can only be used in private computer owned by the license holder and not in computers owned by some organization for commercial use. The license can use this software in maximum two self-owned machine. The software is not allowed be transferred to some other parties. Only one copy of the software can be bought by a person. These restrictions are not applicable in case of regular edition.

So it can be concluded that the only difference is in the price of the software, but the software functionality remains same. However, further analysis of different products unfolds some differences. Some differences of Adobe Acrobat X Student and Teacher edition and regular edition are stated below:

PDF portfolios: Student and teacher edition has the feature of assembling the content into PDF Portfolios with the help of Portfolio Wizard. It will help users to customize the new visual themes, layouts and color palettes. But in case of the standard one we did not get this facility.

Scanning feature: Adobe Standard version has the feature of scanning and converting the documents into PDF file. You can make the scanned document easily searchable with the help of OCR. After that, you can check the errors and can fix it. Whereas in case of the student and teacher edition, it will provide you better scanning results with improved OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which is up to 50% smaller size of file, rich image fidelity and detection of color automatically than the standard one.

Insertion of rich media: Student and teacher edition provides a new feature that is the facility of inserting audio, Adobe Flash Player compatible video and other rich media into the PDF files. But in case of the standard one this facility is not available.

Comparison of PDF documents and files: In adobe student and teacher edition, you can easily differentiate the two versions of a PDF file. So the student, and teacher edition has the capability of eliminating the confusion which the standard one does not possess.

The unrestricted functionality of the student and teacher edition of Adobe applications are only provided by Adobe for spreading detailed knowledge about these advanced software at a remarkably low price. These should only be used for learning purpose, not for commercial purpose. However, these editions also support commercial distribution of developed component by the students only. These provided facilities should be respected with the utmost care and responsibility.

About the Author: - Brianne Walter is a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. She frequently writes on SEO, tech, marketing and social media related topics. Her favorite sites are Cellphone beat and Gizmo watch, which she also happens to work for.

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1 Inited   (2012 Oct 28 08:41)
Hello, stumbled on this page looking into upgrades from a student & teacher edition, there's one case I can't seem to find information about.
If you have a Student & Teacher edition, you can't upgrade to a newer Student & Teacher, but you can upgrade to the standard edition of the same version. My question is, can you also upgrade to a newer version of the standard edition from a student & teacher one? E.g., from CS5.5 Student & Teacher to CS6 Standard with the discounted price, as opposed to having to buy it full?

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