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Why Consistency in Visual Metaphors is Vital for Graphic Design

In any graphic design project, the two most common elements that you are likely to come across are drop-shadows and gradients. When used correctly, these visual metaphors are attractive and useful but, when used incorrectly, they can make the whole project appear off skew and out of sorts. This article aims to outline what drop-shadows and gradients actually achieve in our designs and why consistency is vital for ensuring success.

posted by: zeemo, in Articles / Theory, on 2012 Aug 27 Read More
Icon Design – Basic Concepts and Rules

Icon design represents one of the most important trends in design. The number of web sites providing icons is increased daily, in part driven by the growing number of applications, all of which featuring interfaces and therefore icons. Today we will talk about the basic principles of creating icons, their types and trends in this area.

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Theory, on 2012 Aug 14 Read More
Difference between Adobe Student and Teacher Editions with the Standard One
Difference between Adobe Student and Teacher Editions
Well we all are more or less familiar with the adobe products. Adobe being the global leader in digital media solutions, the products of the adobe helps the customers to manage, make, measure and edit the contents anywhere at any time. There are many products of adobe among which we will discuss here the differences between the adobe student and teacher edition with the standard one.
posted by: Brianne Walter, in Articles / Theory, on 2012 May 31 Read More
Shortcut keys for CorelDRAW

This article is all about shortcut keys for CorelDRAW, and the corresponding options on the Menu bar. Knowing the shortcuts you will definitely save your time when drawing in CorelDRAW.

posted by: Anastasiia Kucherenko, in Articles / Theory, on 2012 May 21 Read More
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