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VectorScribe version 2.3 - Overview of New Features

posted by: Nicolas Van Der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 3

It is with the upgrade of VectorScribe version 2.3 that you can welcome the addition of some great NEW features. You now have even more control over points with the ability to highlight and/or automatically remove redundant points while also being able to add points at set distances to selected segments. The update also includes bug fixes to ensure your creative process runs as smoothly as possible.

Available now on our Youtube channel is an overview of the new additions to VectorScribe presented by our in-house trainer and Graphic Scientist, Sebastian. Take the opportunity to discover the possibilities that are available to you through our plug-ins.

VectorScribe v2.3 is FREE to all existing VectorScribe2 customers. Customers of VectorScribe v1 can upgrade to all the new tools at a discounted price – simply click here.

Download and install

To download, simply visit the product download page…

Installing on Mac OS 10.6+, Windows Vista/7/8

  • Quit Adobe Illustrator
  • Run the installer and follow the instructions
  • Start Illustrator

Changes in VectorScribe version 2.3

  • New feature: Highlight redundant points (in Preferences).
  • New feature: Automatically remove redundant points from selected paths (in Preferences).
  • New feature: Add points to selected segments (PathScribe panel fly-out menu > Add Points to Selected Segments…).
  • Improved cursors and annotations for Retina and HiDPI displays.
  • Learn more with – access via Help… menu and plug-in’s About windows.
  • Bug fix: The Extend Path tool “Fixed Radius” value is no longer mistakenly divided by 100 when the preferences dialog is closed.
  • Bug fix: When a dynamic corner path has two touching dynamic corners broken due to an external edit, a bad out-handle is no longer created.
  • Bug fix: When the number of anchor points on a dynamic corner path changes after an external edit, the path’s point selection state is now correctly restored.
  • Bug fix: The PathScribe tool no longer mistakenly selects guides when “Lock Guides” is enabled.
  • Bug fix: If a path has a Transform live effect applied with a large offset and zero copies, the PathScribe, Dynamic Shape and Dynamic Corners tools can now correctly select/operate on it.

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