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VectorScribe v2.1 upgrade

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

The Extend Path Tool, released in October this year, recently has required a new function, which allows to continue a path along the spiral trajectory. Now the Smart Point Remove Brush has become more sensitive to the pressure on the pen of the graphic tablet. From now on you have an opportunity to select simultaneously all Dynamic Shapes with the help of the command in the Select menu. This upgrade is absolutely free for all the users of VectorScribe2.

Download and install

You can download VectorScribe v2.1 on product download page…

Mac OS 10.6+, Windows XP/Vista/7/8

1. Quit Adobe Illustrator

2. Run the installer and follow the instructions

3. Start Illustrator

What’s new in version 2.1

    • Implemented pressure-controlled tolerance for Smart Remove Brush tool.
    • Implemented spiral extension type and new radius modes in Extend Path tool.
    • Implemented ‘L’ key for toggling measurements on or off in Extend Path tool.
    • Implemented “Select > Dynamic Shape” menu items.

    New shortcuts available

    Extend Path Tool

    E: Toggle through extension modes (Single Bezier, Constant Radius, Straight, Spiral)

    R: Toggle through Radius modes (Match, Scale, Fixed)

    Up/Down arrows: Change Spiral constant value

    Left/Right arrows: Change Scaled Radius or Fixed Radius values (only valid for Constant Radius or Spiral extension modes)

    V: Reverse curvature

    M: Toggle between Percentage or Absolute measurements

    L: Show/Hide path length annotation

    X: Lock/Unlock Extension Type

    Smart Remove Brush Tool

    S: Temporarily toggle to small brush size (great for hitting detail)

    Existing customers of VectorScribe v1 can upgrade for all the new tools at a discounted price. Please see details of this in the original VectorScribe2 announcement

    We are currently in the process of updating the Extend Path and Smart Remove Brush Tool movies to cover these new features, as well as bring you some great new written tutorials. It was our intention to get this intuitive new functionality in your hands before the festive season!

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