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Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator - VectorScribe v1.2 upgrade

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Astute Graphics is pleased to announce VectorScribe version 1.2 has been released, which is a free upgrade to all existing customers and those within the 7 day full trial period.

This upgrade brings a series of key enhancements to the Dynamic   Measure PathScribe, and the Dynamic Shapes tools. The focus of this   upgrade is to introduce features requested by users which furthers the   overall workflow flexibility.

These important updates are highly recommended for all users.


Downloading and upgrading

If you have yet to join the tens-of-thousands of Illustrator users who have found in VectorScribe to be indispensable, you can download VectorScribe version 1.2 by clicking here…

Existing users, including those within the 7 day trial period, can find upgrade links via the Illustrator menu Help > Astute Graphics > VectorScribe > Check for Updates….   Note that following this link, Mac OS users will gain access to a   special upgrade installer version which doesn’t require your computer to   be restarted following the upgrade installation.

Details of upgraded features

Dynamic Measure Tool

Dynamic Measure locked layer preferences UI implemented. Now you can choose in the dialog window Dynamic Measure Preferences no matter if the layer with the Dynamic Measure is locked or not.

Dynamic Measure measurements now saved/restored with document.

Dynamic Measure optional 0 and 1 digit precision preference implemented.

Dynamic Measure now links Default Font and Font Size preferences to the generated "Dynamic Measure” character style.

Dynamic Measure operations now undoable/re-doable.

"Distance Along Path” is now dynamically-generated and will be added to all appropriate measures when the panel checkbox is enabled.


PathScribe Tool


"Start Path at Selected Point” fly-out menu item implemented. This allows you to control where a brush stroke begins/ends with a closed path.

"Move Selection Points to Nearest Tangencies” fly-out menu item implemented.


Dynamic Shapes Tool


Shape rotation angle control in the Dynamic Shapes panel.

All newly-created dynamic shapes now maintain the current style (eg. brush style, stroke/fill color, etc.). Note that the option New Art Has Basic Appearance available via the Appearance panel’s fly-out menu needs to be unticked for this to occur.


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