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Time to go SUPER!

posted by: Nicolas Van Der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 2

Forget dynamic — we’re taking you to a SUPER dynamic level with VectorScribe2!

What’s new?

SUPER Brush (sweep away excess points). Make a clean sweep of your artwork by effortlessly removing excess points with this magic brush. Either you choose which points to intelligently remove or let the brush work for you automatically. It’s like being the magician’s apprentice!

SUPER Dynamic Corners

SUPER Path Extension. Imagine your artwork suggesting to YOU where to go — like the paths are growing and extending themselves! This tool can be used both creatively in a natural, fluid style or more technically. For added precision, extend OR trim to exact lengths, ideal for fashion designers, technical illustrators…

SUPER Dynamic Shapes

SUPER Improvements (PathScribe/ Measure)

This plug-in fine tunes existing features and brings additional toolsets to further speed up your vector workflow whilst making the process natural and inherent.

Click here for full product information…

Don’t take just our word for it, here’s feedback from designers so far:

"That Extend Path Tool … Worth the price of this plugin alone …. !!!”

Arron Joseph

"Stunning and sexy guys – yet again.”

Jayse Hansen

"Outstanding new tools!!!! Extend Path and Smart Remove Brush!! Fantastic.”

Simon Jones

The following example artwork was produced using VectorScribe2 by Astute Graphics

Costa Rican Flavours by Carlos Garro

Dandelion by Iaroslav Lazunov

Fabric Badge by Iaroslav Lazunov

Graphs by Frens Veldstra

Pagoda by and copyright, 2013 Michele Weidbart

Punchin’ Platypus by and copyright Sean Ferguson

Time to go SUPER by Iaroslav Lazunov

Wall Art by Iaroslav Lazunov

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Pricing and Upgrades

VectorScribe2 is £49 +VAT (approximately $79 or €58) – click here to buy!

Existing customers of VectorScribe 1

If you purchased VectorScribe version 1 on or after 1 October 2013 (separately or in a bundle) you have been upgraded for free. Please request an automated license key reminder by email and complete the registration process.

Customers who purchased VectorScribe 1 on or before 30 September 2013 can purchase Version 2 at a discounted price. The charge will depend on the license of VectorScribe owned:

VectorScribe Designer: £29 +VAT (approx. $34 or €47)
VectorScribe or VectorScribe Studio: £19 +VAT (approx. $31 or €22)

Total comments: 1
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1 Nick Syrax   (2013 Oct 31 07:09)
Astute has done it again!!! I just don't understand hoe these guys know what I need before I know I need it!

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