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The Portable Designer: Using Illustrator on the Go

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The field of graphic design has changed dramatically during the digital era. Historically, any ideas you had during your travels required a great deal of improvisation to bring to life. You’d either have to sketch your drawings on a pad or find a local computer with graphic design software. Adobe Illustrator fundamentally altered the situation by providing a bevy of on-the-go solutions for all your professional needs. Here are six ways to maximize Adobe Illustrator when you’re on the road.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Image via Flickr user Janitors

What portable designers have always wanted and needed is the ability to create freeform illustrations simply but elegantly. At heart, all graphic designers are artists, but there’s an ongoing battle between creativity and professionalism in the industry. This app marries the two in an unexpectedly satisfactory manner. The vector drawing tools that are the lifeblood of graphic design intuitively integrate into artwork creations whose quality will stun you. Plus, the software is so user-friendly that it blurs the lines between established professionals and newbies.

The Perfect Device

You’re living in an age where you need Adobe Illustrator for most of your tasks, but you want to use Adobe Illustrator Draw for others, especially when you’re on the road. You need hardware that can provide powerful processing when you’re performing intensive vector-based designs. You also need something that can travel easily. Finally, you want to avoid having to search between multiple computing devices to find the files you need.

Suffice it to say that a 2-in-1 laptop like the Yoga Series by Lenovo is the perfect device for you. In fact, this blend of tablet functionality with notebook processing power suits graphic designers better than anyone else, especially considering the large, high-resolution screens and fast graphics cards. Read this article to learn 11 benefits to owning such a device.

Convenient Travel Bag

A 2-in-1 laptop will become your best friend while traveling. It will store all your files while providing the ability to work on any type of project no matter where you are. So, you’ll always want to have your laptop with you during flights instead of checking it with the rest of your luggage. Select a travel bag that makes carrying your device across airports convenient rather than aggravating. You can find a list of the best ones here. Note that some graphic designers prefer travel bags with wheels.

Bulletproof Laptop Case

Since you’ll load all your most important documents on this laptop, you’ll need to protect it in a different way than you would a desktop computer. Think about the abuse that tablets and other smart devices take compared to laptops. Along the same lines, all portable devices are at risk more than stationary computers. You’ll want to purchase a laptop case to protect your most important professional asset.

Cases for 2-in-1 laptops are bulkier than standard laptop storage luggage, but that’s by design. Remember that failing to protect your combo laptop will cost more than the money to replace it. You’ll also be out the time for working on projects. Pick the sturdiest material you can afford.

Tablet Stylus

The changes Microsoft made in Windows 10 were in anticipation of more portable usage. Half the country owns some sort of tablet or e-reader, which means that the tablet interface is the future. Graphic designers employed the stylus many years before everyone else, so you have an advantage in understanding the importance of the right implement for bringing your ideas to life comfortably and conveniently. Select a stylus that feels right in your hand, and you’ll feel like a Windows 10 expert in no time.

Travel with TripIt

Don’t lose sight of the fact that one of the reasons you need a 2-in-1 device for graphic design is that you’re traveling a lot. You’ll also want an app that can store your itinerary and inform you about local airports and tourist areas. This software does the best job of acting like a travel agent when you need an expert. It also doubles as a friend who lives nearby when you want to learn about entertainment options in the area.

Thanks to technical innovations, it’s easy to be a terrific portable designer now. By purchasing the right computer and adding the perfect accessories listed above, you’ll work just as efficiently on the road as you do at home.

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