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SubScribe Designer (Beta) now available!

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 3

SubScribe Designer — our new plugin for Adobe Illustrator CS3-CS5.1 (Mac and Windows) — has finally been made available!

It was previewed a couple of weeks ago and will prove to be another significant boost to your vector design workflow productivity.

But the best bit? It’s free to Astute Graphics’ customers since March 2011. It’s our way of saying a huge "thank you!” for all your support and helping Astute Graphics grow from strength to strength.


SubScribe’s tools

Creating end editing artwork in vector is typically all about precision and control. This is where SubScribe Designer will become your new best buddy with list of important tools that integrate fully into your workflow. Here’s a preview…


The full list of what’s available is as follows:

  • Circle by 2 or 3 points
  • Tangent Circle
  • Curvature Circle
  • Connect
  • Straighten
  • Arc by three point
  • Arc start-end-direction
  • Orient
  • Line tangent to two paths
  • Line tangent to path
  • Line tangent from path
  • Line perpendicular to two paths
  • Line perpendicular to path
  • Line perpendicular from path

To learn more about SubScribe Designer, we have published a range of movies covering each tool.

Can I download it now?

Yes! Please visit the SubScribe Designer download page.

How do I get my license key?

With an overwhelming response following our request for beta testers, we changed our plans and have made it immediately available to all applicable customers.

SubScribe Designer activation

SubScribe Designer is offered freely and exclusively to all customers of DrawScribe, VectorScribe and Phantasm CS Designer | Studio | Publisher v2!

Click here to request your activation code (license key)

Not already benefiting from the wonderful vector workflow enhancements offered by Astute Graphics? If you buy today, you can request your SubScribe license key right away!

It’s in beta. Is it unstable?

Astute Graphics has an aversion to releasing unstable or flakey software. As SubScribe is a "special case” being made available to all applicable customers freely, we decided to take a Google-esque approach and release it initially as "beta”.

What does this mean in reality? Well, we think it’s perfectly stable but it has not undergone the wider beta testing phase which our commercial products DrawScribe, VectorScribe and Phantasm CS go through (typically a 3+ month process!).

The result is that customers get the software in their hands much quicker with minimal risk.

However, if you operate in a mission-critical creative workflow environment, please bear in mind that some (hopefully only minor) issues may still arise. We leave the decision to deploy SubScribe to you…

How do I report any issues?

As we don’t anticipate many issues arising, at present we ask that you simply use the Contact form. Please supply as much information as possible, especially operating system, version of Adobe Illustrator, what other plugins you have installed, what happened before the issue and what was the result?

I wanted to buy PathToolkit

Since Astute Graphics purchased PointExp’s IP (developers of PathToolkit and Rasterino), PointExp’s products have been withdrawn. SubScribe Designer is a development based on PathToolkit, whilst Rasterino’s functionality will appear in other Astute Graphics products in the future.

If you are already an applicable Astute Graphics customer, SubScribe Designer is freely available, so you’re in luck!

If you are not currently an Astute Graphics customer, you will find our current range of Illustrator products to be extremely attractive. They’re already very widely used the world-over! Once you buy as product, you can request your SubScribe license key.

Is there a Trial version?

Sorry – no, due to the nature of the product. You can get a comprehensive impression of the tool’s functionality by viewing the product movies.


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Total comments: 3
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1 m savage   (2012 Apr 20 08:18)
what happened to trim? the most important tool for me in the Path toolkit repertoire.
thanks for perpetuating the same truthful myth: one corp buys another then crushes what was important from the latter
eg. adobe buying freehand

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2 jaroslav   (2012 Apr 20 08:31)
Thank you for your comment. I'll inform Astute Graphics about it.

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3 jaroslav   (2012 Apr 20 08:49)
Trim was already set for VectorScribe v2, but much more powerful.

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