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You can become a part of an extraordinary project together with the artists from all over the world

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Participation in the Red Bull Collective Art competition is a great opportunity to make yourself known as a young talented designer. You can become a part of an extraordinary project together with the artists from all over the world. Moreover, your artworks will be presented at exhibitions all over the world. And best of all, it is just to be inspired by other artworks, to create, and inspire yourself.

конкурс для дизайнеров и художников RedBull Collective Art

The two-weeks global project begins on the 11th of March and will be held on the CadavreExquis principle, where every participant contributes to collective creativity, being able to see the artwork of the previous author. Participants are free to choose if they represent a picture, black-and-white drawing, a sketch, or just simply create a digital image with the help of computer programs. The project is open for everybody: designers, painters, photographers and writers. The project will be held in 85 countries.

The system of collective creativity CadavreExquis reminded me of a game that all probably played as children. Here is the principle of it: you have a poem (or a picture), which has been written by a couple of poets without knowing what the previous poet wrote. The first poet writes a poetic line on a piece of paper. Then he folds this paper in such a way, that the next poet sees only the last word of his poetic line. The next poet writes his poetic line based on associations he has with this last word, and then he folds the paper. Then the third poet continues the game, and so on.

To participate in Red Bul lCollective Art you need to register and choose one of available time slots on the website of the project -

1 hour before the start you’ll be reminded (E-mail/Tweet/iCal). Upload your sample design (as soon as the time interval starts).

Be creative and continue the creativity of your predecessors. You won’t have practically any restrictions about the shape of your work (a photo, an illustration, a pencil sketch etc.), but you’ll need to ensure smooth transfer of this continuous file.

Upload your art production in the specified time frame. Your art work is the basis for the next creative artist.

The project RedBullCollectiveArt will be presented all over the world. You’ll find all the details of tour schedule and locations of shows a bit later on the website.

Information about the exhibition will appear on March 2013. Discover your creative talents.

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