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Possibilities and restrictions to customize a 1&1 website design

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 37

A credible business should have a credible website that is easy to use and understand. However, most businesses lack the resources to hire a web designer. What they fail to realize is that, it is possible to create a customized website through the help of packaged templates, applications and shared web hosting services. A good example of this service provider is the 1and1 website hosting business package.

1&1 has a number of features that attract most clients. These features include; the ability to host about 100 domains, 250gb web space with a monthly transfer volume, 90 days money back guarantee, marketing tools and a wide range of web developing applications among others.

Possibilities to customize a 1&1 website design

  • It is possible to change and customize your web design to make it unique. This is possible through choosing your favorite template from a wide range of professionally designed templates. Additionally, they offer a flexible framework that contains templates that you can customize to cater for personal needs and preferences. After settling for one website template, you are free to change the graphics and colors to fit your business needs. 1&1 offers numerous possibilities to customize your website templates that include; font, color, images, the website navigation, look, feel and style.
  • You can also customize your 1&1 website templates through integrating web apps and multimedia content. 1 and 1 website offers web apps for business, personal and eCommerce needs. These web apps are easy to integrate and they enhance website functionality. While creating your website, you can integrate applications such as message boards, picture galleries, chats, blogs and guest books through a simple drag and drop techniques.

Restrictions to customize a 1&1 website design

However, there are a few restrictions to customize 1and1 website design. They include but are not limited to:

  • 1 and 1 website builder has a large array of templates that offer easy web start up and web presence basics. However, they have an 18 page limit.
  • Despite the inclusion of forum hosting, forms, WYSIWYG text editor and maps, 1 and 1 lack the ability to integrate custom html and a shopping cart that is supposed to support purchase of items through PayPal. This is a great limitation especially to start up business who are the main users of 1&1 web templates.
  • The 1 and 1 statistic package does not provide a search term that attracts visitors to a website.
  • The website statistics are mainly available every day after midnight for the previous day or user duration.
  • Customer support is available. The support team is very friendly and does their best to assist customers within the shortest time possible. However, some support staff lack technical skills that are required to tackle some non-routine problems.
  • It is not possible to modify templates or add new unique html codes that may boost your websites rank and traffic. If you want to modify the templates or add unique html, you must purchase an upgrading programme that costs about 10 dollars each month.

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