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Overview of Free Autosaviour plug-in

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0
Overview of Autosaviour

Is there an autosave feature in Adobe Illustrator?, this question has been asked by many users over the past two decades. I always heard the short answer - no. This feature is particularly relevant now that the latest releases of Adobe Illustrator, unfortunately, are not very stable. Now, thanks to Autosaviour we got autosave feature. In addition, the plug-in can create backup of the previous version of the file. And it is a true gift from Astute Graphics, since plug-in is absolutely free. In today's article, you'll learn about the options and features of the use of this must-have plug-in.

When we create a new document or open an existing file for the first time after installing the plug-in, the Autosaviour Settings dialog box will open immediately. The upper part of the dialog box contains autosave options for the current document. Each document can have its own custom autosave setting which is then retained when reopened.

Overview of Autosaviour

Tick Enable Autosave / Remind to start the autosave process or remind that the file can be saved. Set the time interval between saving / reminders document in the numeric field Every: __ minutes. To save the document in a specified time, select Autosave radio button.

Overview of Autosaviour

If you choose Just Remind Me radio button, then after a specified time interval a dialog box friendly reminder will pop up.

Overview of Autosaviour

Option Wait for __ second pushes the saving at a specified number of seconds after the interval ends Every: __ minutes and the user will make the last change. That means that the saving will not occur if the intervals between the changes are less than the value in a numeric field Wait for __ second. This important function prevents application from crashing when saving, while you are constantly working on complex artwork. Saving occurs as soon as you pause - Wait for __ second (04 saving occurs in 1minute and 2 seconds).

Overview of Autosaviour

If you untick Wait for __ second option, then saving will occur immediately after the interval Every: __ minutes.

Option Backup Pervious Version with Suffix __, as it is understood from its name, is intended to create a single backup, which will be located in the same place where the original document is on your hard drive. You can name it whatever you want by changing suffix.

Overview of Autosaviour

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