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New Vector Editor- Affinity Designer

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 2

Recently a company called Serif presented to the world a new vector editor which also includes a lot of raster tools. Developers claim that Affinity Designer is the fastest and the most exact vector application since it is created on an entirely new, more effective and multifunctional code. Will Affinity Designer become a worthy alternative to Adobe Illustrator? The video which you find in this article will definitely impress you and the prices are very pleasing, but unfortunately the Affinity Designer is available only for Mac OS users.

First Introduction of Affinity Designer

Speed of image processing

Zooming in Affinity Designer happens at a rate of 60 frames per second. Transformation of objects, placing them in correct sequence, effect and correction applications will never make application hang even when you work with a complex vector illustration which contains thousands of curves.


Vector tools of Affinity Designer include the Node Tool, the Pen Tool, the Pencil Tool, the Vector Brush, the Gradient Fill Tool, the Transparency, the Crop, the Targeted Insert, the Text and the Alignment Guides.

Raster Tools of Affinity Designer include: the Lasso Tool, the Selection Brush, the Pixel Brush, the Paint Brush, the Eraser, the Dodge, the Burn, the Smudge, the Blur and the Sharpen.

Due to the Pixel preview in standard or retina resolution with the help of only one click you peep at what you’re going to get.

You also have an opportunity to split the screen into two parts and preview your work in Standard and Outline preview.


Due to dockers and pop-up interfaces you can configure your workspace for your current task. The app supports all functions of Mac OS X, including the iCloud, Full Screen and Spaces.

Vector and pixel Brushes

Affinity Designer allows you to add a texture of a brush stroke without losing the properties of the vector object. You can also create shadows, highlights and textures with the help of the pixel brushes while all your vector curves remain untouched. You can draw inside the object by choosing the appropriate mode. The Clipping Mask is created automatically.

Standard shapes

The editor contains an extensive library of basic forms which you can control with the help of indicators and Boolean geometry operations such as Unite and Divide.


The application completely supports AI (PDF), PSD, PDF and SVG formats.

Color space

You can work in the following color models: the RGB, the CMYK, the LAB and the Grayscale.


You can export a selected field, layer or object by controlling its parameters independently. For web design and UI a standard and a retina version of elements is been created automatically.

Other functions

- Not destructive setting of vector and raster objects.
- Glow, Shadow and Blur could be applied to any object and layer.
- Blending Modes could be applied to raster and vector objects.

- Max. zooming is 1 000 000%

- History panel allows you to come back to previous stages of your work instantly. A full list of functions of the Affinity Designer could be found here…


You can buy Affinity Designer in Mac App Store with a 20% discount for $40. This offer expires by October, 9. After October, 9 the price for the application will be $50. This is a one-time payment. You’ll also get all updates in the course of two years.

Total comments: 2
1 jaroslav   (2014 Oct 16 04:23)
I bought Affinity Designer. For EUcitizens (in Apple Store to be precise) the program costs 36 Euros. My first
impressions: the program works with any possible vector formats of any
versions, except for cdr (AI could be opened, but it cannot be saved into this format),
EPS is also supported- opening
and editing as well as exporting into EPS, but… the exported file is not
identified by any versions (8, 10 and so on), that’s why it is unlikely to
upload the file directly from the program- the objects with blending modes
after EPS export are been rasterized when opened in Illustrator; when exporting
in SVG all objects with blending modes disappear from the file (but everything
is OK with objects with transparency), there is no support of blending. They
also cannot be done when opening the file with the blend- it expands. There is
no support of some artboards (AI with some artboards can be opened, but only a
part of work space will be visible); the size change of the existing artboard
is made through File -> Document Setup... There is no pattern support; usual
selection of a couple of objects with pressed left mouse button with the help
of the Selection Tool is off by default. In order to turn it on, go to the Preferences
–> User Interface and put checkmark in front of Marguee Select on Touch.
Speaking subjectively, the brushes
are a little slow when drawing (drawing is not done instantaneously). Graphic
tablet is supported (I have Wacom Intuous 5M Touch- some functions on
touch-wheal don’t work- zooming for example). On the upper panel of the
Controller menu you should choose Pressure in order to turn on the sensibility
to pressing)
Here is what I liked: the speed and
responsiveness of the Affinity Designer, it’s easy work with effects,
gradients, curves and anchor points, full customization of the interface “for
yourself”, “a wheal” of color choice as in the Painter (standard sliders could
also be used), the Shaping Manager- is just an analogue to the Smart Guides.
This is a
very quick look at this Affinity Designer, I need to work in it a bit longer in
order to get used to it and understand its functionality. The editor successfully
combines the work in the vector and raster graphics. For designers, who need a
raster output, I think it could be useful. For microstock contributors- it’s a
good tool only while working in limited techniques and most likely it will be
hard to work without any additional tools.

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2 Tim   (2014 Oct 18 15:40)
This is the best vector app I've used since FreeHand got scrapped by Adobe. It is replacing Illustrator for me.
As a professional illustrator, I have submitted a feature request every single year for the last 11 years for Adobe to increase the zoom percentage allowable in Illustrator. It has the lowest zoom percentage of ANY vector or raster app on the market. I also know for a fact that I am not the only one that submitted this request. It has gone completely ignored by Adobe, which proves that they do not listen to their customer base AT ALL.
The program is called Illustrator, but it is worse at doing illustration than Photoshop. Well, no more! See you, Adobe.

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