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New Texturino is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator

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Texturino is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator (versions CS6 to CC) for helping to create more natural, organic artwork with depth. Never again resort to using photo editing software to finish off vector work you’ve crafted in Illustrator!

Opacity Brush

Lets you quickly and naturally brush the opacity mask of one or more art objects to remove portions of them or make them fade out. Enhanced control with Wacom.

Texture Tool

Lets you quickly and easily add one or more raster-based textures as a Live Effect to filled paths, live text, gradient meshes and raster objects. Intuitive annotation controls let you quickly change a texture’s scale, rotation, opacity, and blending mode. An “Autocover” feature ensures that a texture will completely cover an object, even if it is edited. Textures can be set as “repeating”, meaning they will be automatically tiled to fill the object.

Texture Brush

Lets you brush in or out one or more textures to remove portions of them or make them fade out. Enhanced control with Wacom.

Both brushes allow adjustment of size, hardness, opacity, noise, roundness, and angle and (in CC and above) can preview all parameters in real time. With a pressure-sensitive device such as a Wacom Intuos or Cintiq, various brush parameters can be controlled dynamically with the stylus’ pressure, wheel, tilt, bearing and angle. Resolution of the mask is user-definable.


Over 10 high quality repeating, non-repeating and grunge textures install with Texturino. Additional free and original textures are made available via your Astute Graphics account page. Plus, you can easily import your own PNG images to use as textures!

Texture Manager

Lets you organize all your imported textures: renaming, assigning categories, favoriting, deleting, and exporting. Quickly preview and export selected textures to pass on to your colleagues.


Locating the Tools

Opacity Brush: Getting Started

Opacity Brush: Brush Settings

Opacity Brush: Wacom Settings

Opacity Brush: Locating the Mask in the Transparency Panel

Opacity Brush: Advanced Preferences

Texture Tool: Getting Started

Texture Tool: Annotation (Texture Settings)

Texture Tool: Opacity Mask

Texture Tool: Import Textures

Texture Tool: Texture Manager

Texture Tool: Advanced Settings (Preferences)

Texture Brush: Getting Started

Keyboard Shortcuts

Example Artwork

The artwork on the right was created with the Texturino plug-in.

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