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MirrorMe - New plug-in for Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Nicolas Van Der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

Instant symmetry in Adobe Illustrator – perfect for faces, kaleidoscope, patterns and so much more. MirrorMe fills a major gap in the vector designer’s toolkit; drawing symmetrically. Create intricate artwork in seconds whilst making your design work truly easy and fun.

Download free the 14 day trial version!

The plug-in everyone’s been waiting for...
instant symmetry!

  • Quick
  • Creative
  • Easy
  • Versatile
  • Fun

Mirror your artwork instantly on one single or multiple reflective axes. This will become an essential part of your daily vector design workflow.

Draw faces / characters / patterns / fractal & kaleidoscope effects with simplicity and have fun while you work.

Recycle your existing artwork elements into exciting new designs and patterns in seconds. See a transformation before your eyes!

Enhance the effective results with Illustrator's pattern tool.

Mirror tool functions

  • Works seamlessly with native Illustrator and Astute Graphics drawing tools
  • Apply to selection
  • Apply to layer (persistent for instant artwork updating)


  • User-defined origin and axis angle
  • User-defined number of axes
  • Flexible live annotations to keep you informed
  • Pause and resume mirroring on layers
  • Copy and paste mirror axes in and across documents
  • Auto-trim and joining of paths across axes

The creative possibilities are endless!

MirrorMe - Introduction

Draw in symmetry quickly and easily! Mirror your artwork instantly on one single or multiple (up to 72) reflective axes. This will become an essential part of your daily vector design workflow. Available for Illustrator CS5 to CC(17), MacOS and Windows.

MirrorMe - Overview

General overview of mirroring action of tool on simple shapes and sketches. MirrorMe enables you to draw in symmetry easily and quickly. Draw on one axis or multiple axes (72)

MirrorMe - Apply to selection

Demonstrates how to apply a mirroring operation to a selection of objects.

MirrorMe - Apply to layer

Demonstrates the mirroring operation to layers which are persistent or continuously active.

MirrorMe - Positioning

Shows how to easily position and rotate a mirror axis before applying. Shows how to apply a mirror to a vertices and a curved segment.

MirrorMe - Active sector

Shows the active drawing sector in a mirroring operation. MirrorMe enables you to draw in symmetry easily and quickly.

MirrorMe - Panel

Options available in the MirrorMe panel. Includes setting required angle, position of origin, applying to selection and applying to a layer.

MirrorMe - Panel fly-out menu

Demonstrates the option on the fly out menu including - Copying axes, pasting axes to layer, adding guides along axes and removing all layers.

MirrorMe - Preferences

Shows preferences for customisation.

MirrorMe - Artwork types

Shows mirroring of artwork including live artwork blends, images, editable text and clipping paths.

Download free the 14 day trial version!

Here's what Illustrator experts have to say:

"MirrorMe is more addictive than potato chips. Once I start drawing with it, I can't stop.”
Cristen Gillespie

"This is EPIC guys! I might end up using this everyday. I'm so glad you're keeping Illustrator updated for all of us, haha!”
Jayse Hansen

"Ridiculously fun and addictive! I wish I could just play all day!”
Michele Weisbart

"It's saving me more time—I now often only draw one half of an object, while MirrorMe automatically creates the other half. Then I turn off MirrorMe and gently edit the paths with InkScribe, WidthScribe, etc., if I want to remove the appearance of automation. That's still a lot faster than drawing the entire object without MirrorMe's assistance. I can't imagine working without it!

It was when I decided to try it as a regular drawing tool that I discovered it spared me often the time of trying to get an entire object drawn, making the tool more of a part of a vector workflow than I expected. 

One heck of a tool!”

Cristen Gillespie

"Every time the possibilities in illustrator just become even more amazing with your tools... love it!!”
Camilo Jimenez

"A wonderful addition to my Illustrator toolkit.”
Andrew Buckle

"This is incredible, amazing work guys!”
Joseph Ash


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