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New Features of Adobe Photoshop CC, Sharpening tools, Camera Raw Tools

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 2

Current release of Photoshop has more than a dozen new features that significantly widen our choices in working with images. Sharpening tools, Camera Raw Tools, improved tools for working with vector objects, copying of CSS attributes, improved toolbar for working with 3D objects and texture painting, and much more are now available in Creative Cloud.

All-new Smart Sharpen

New Smart Sharpen filter (Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen …) gives us an opportunity to improve image sharpness while minimizing noise and halo effects. In the filter’s dialog box, you can control the parameters Amount, Radius, Reduce Noise and choose what type of blur need to be eliminated.

In addition, you can control the amount of sharpening that occurs in shadows and highlights.

The picture below shows a fragment of the picture Ostrich head close up from Shutterstock before and after the application of Smart Sharpen filter.

Smart sharpening in Photoshop CC supports CMYK color mode. In addition, you can control the sharpness of the individual channels, such as the alpha channel.

You can read full version of this overview on

Total comments: 2
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1 Patrick   (2013 Jul 18 00:56)
Thanks so much.

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2 john barron   (2013 Jul 18 03:27)
Wow, this is really awesome tutorials i like to see that! thanks for shearing!

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