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New features and tools in the October release of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

The October release of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 app complements the application with two new tools - Curvature Tool and Join Tool, which work with paths. In the new release, you will get access to online library, where you can save the graphics, text, brushes and use them in other documents and applications. These and other updates will be covered in this article this article.

Curvature Tool

Curvature Tool is located on the Tools panel to the right of the pen Tool. The tool is designed to automatically create curvedsegments of the path. You simply place points by making a single click, and Illustrator calculates the trajectory of the curved path. Generated path is dynamic, that means that the curvature of the previous segment can be changed after the creation of a new point.

If the next point will be created by double-clicking, then the last segment will be straight-line, and it will be a corner point.

You can create straight line segments and corner points by holding down the Option/ Alt. If you want the final segment of the closed path also be straight-line, you should release the key Option/ Alt.

Double-clicking on the corner point makes it smooth and vice versa.

You can edit the shape of the path using Curvature Tool. A new movable smooth point will be created at the place where the pointer touches the curve. You can also move the existing points, but you will not have access to their handles.

Of course, you can edit the path using familiar tools such as the Direct Selection Tool (A). Beginners and experienced users who hate Pen Tool will like it. Personally, I think that creating a path of a given shape cannot go without editing twice, although the second editing can be faster. I would need to practice.

Join Tool

Join Tool is located in the Pencil Tool group in the Tools panel.

The tool is designed for quick connection of paths that intersect or have open ends. This is accompanied by the removal of unnecessary segments. Initial trajectories of the paths will remain the same. To connect two isolated paths you need to make a zigzag movement with a tool by holding the left mouse button

Area-type auto-sizing

Now you can automatically resize the frame around the text. To do this, double click on the widget on the bottom of the frame.

Creative Cloud Libraries

You can save the necessary colors, graphics, text, brushes, etc. of the current document in the online library which you can access from other documents and applications, such as Photoshop, Sketch and Draw. You can also add items from these applications to the library and use it in Illustrator.

Touch workspace

This function is designed for tablets running under Windows 8. Here you get sensor workspace that allows you to draw and edit graphics. To activate this feature, go to Window> Workspace> Touch. For more information about Touch workspace, follow this link ...

Integration intoIllustratormobile applications

Integration into free mobile apps allows you to take graphics created in Draw and Illustrator Line and move it into Illustrator, continuingprocessing by using the entire power of the vector editor tools. You can refill Creative Cloud Libraries using mobile applications Brush CC, Shape CC and Color CC, and then use the library content in design inside of the Illustrator or Photoshop.

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