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NEW Autosaviour Pro: Your Partner in Time!

posted by: Georgie Hulburd, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

If you’ve had your artwork saved by Autosaviour Free, you’ll love our latest addition to the plug-in world.

We present to you… AUTOSAVIOUR PRO!

As recommended by Adobe, this plug-in will play a core role in your workflow, saving you time, stress and providing your work with a vital safety net

Why is the Pro version so special? 

Not only do you get all the features in Autosaviour you also get all this:

  • Autosaviour Pro has its own panel, complete with ‘last save’ and ‘next save’ countdown clock, as well as additional preferences for you to customise your workflow. Delayed saves and failed attempts are highlighted red, grabbing your attention and prompting you to take action.
  • Autosaviour Pro now tells you when it is saving with a subtle annotation. Don’t want to see this? No problem, untick this in your Preferences.
  • Autosaviour Pro does not only save your current, frontmost document – it also saves modified documents in the background.
  • Don’t want to autosave your work but still want the benefits of multiple-version backups? With Autosaviour Pro, you can enable this function, even if autosave is disabled.
  • Keep multiple backups and choose where you want to save them, so you never lose earlier versions again. Organise your work with this key function and avoid designer meltdown!
  • Customise how each new Illustrator document will autosave by default and control how each document autosaves and backs-up individually.


“Astute Graphics’ Autosaviour Pro has saved my @%^@ more times than I’d like to admit. Auto”saviour” how perfectly named!” Michele Weisbart


Please visit the Autosaviour Pro page for full details and helpful introductory videos.

We are offering a special introductory offer of 25% OFF just for December! Normal price is £19 (Approx $22/€18)

To install Autosaviour Pro please download the universal installer and select AutoSaviour Pro, as simple as that. You will be able to take advantage of all the Autosaviour Pro benefits for 14 days during the trial period.

Once the trial expires you’ll be given the option to purchase the Pro version or downgrade to Autosaviour Free. 

Software Requirements

Adobe Illustrator CS5 / CS6 / CC
Windows Vista / 7 / 8

Illustrator CS5 / CS6 / CC
Mac OS 10.7+

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