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Movie Introduction: Dynamic Sketch Tool for Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

If you're a fan of drawing more naturally in vector, but you'd like to speed things up, you'll love the Dynamic Sketch tool.

Whether you sketch with a Wacom tablet or a mouse,   this tool provides even more power to produce dynamic vector forms from   scratch, to modify existing shapes, and to go back at a later date to   adjust the level of detail to your work.

The Dynamic Sketch tool is a very intelligent tool with an understanding of the drawing process.    For example, by sketching in a circular motion, the tool will   optionally interpret this gesture and create a perfect circle. It will   also intelligently join intersecting paths to allow shapes to be   constructed quickly and easily.

And when it comes to editing, it's no surprise that this tool has   proved so popular with our team of beta testers. As well as being able   to smooth out or minutely adjust your sketches, we've introduced a   gesture trim function that enables you to intuitively remove unwanted segments.

If used with Illustrator CS5 or higher, it is possible to create high quality variable stroke width sketches based on the sketch speed or, if using a Wacom tablet, the pen's   pressure. The resultant sketch stroke's form remains completely editable   as the tool works with the Beautiful Stroke technology introduced in   CS5 - allowing for much great flexibility. And in-keeping with all   functionality in DrawScribe, this feature may be adjusted to suit your   preferences with clear controls and settings.

Download your 14 day trial

As with all Astute Graphics plugins, we’ve provided a FREE 14 day trial which is now available for you to download – simply click here!

Dynamic Sketch - Introduction

Dynamic Sketch - Drawing

Dynamic Sketch - Editing and continuing paths

Dynamic Sketch - Accuracy and smoothness

Dynamic Sketch - Repeat sketch

Dynamic Sketch - Intelligent join

Dynamic Sketch - Gesture trimming

Dynamic Sketch - Smooth and corner modes

Dynamic Sketch - Variable stroke width

Dynamic Sketch - Default styles

Dynamic Sketch - Preferences

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