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Movie Introduction: Inkscribe Tool for Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

Use Inkscribe to replace the Pen and its related tools, and it will revolutionise the way you draw precise and calculated shapes.

The tool offers a smooth transition for experienced users to gain   more freedom, power and time savings when meticulously drawing in   vector. But it will also help those new to Illustrator to concentrate on the creative process rather than which keypress to aim for.

For example, are you looking to make straight lines into curves? We've introduced Ghost Handles —  handles that appear when you draw a straight line. With just one   drag of the mouse, ghost handles transform into bezier handles, changing   the line into a curve.

You no longer have to waste time with key-presses when you want to specify corner or smooth points. Whether you're at the   initial design stage, or fine-tuning your artwork, InkScribe offers   various quick methods to alternate between point types.

If you require precision and control when drawing,   you'll find a range of time saving functions within this tool. Set the   distance constraint function to measure out new points in multiples of   your choice, or close a shape with just a click of a button. Simple   stuff, but that's the beauty of this tool - it makes your life so much   easier.

With a range of settings and preference options, InkScribe is extremely flexible.    It can be set up to behave like the Pen tool, or to support your own   needs and creative workflow requirements. Use the context-sensitive   annotations to reduce panel / interface clutter, or strip the tool down   to display just the very basics.

Whatever your background or level of expertise, once you start working with this tool you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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InkScribe - Introduction

InkScribe - Drawing

InkScribe - Change between straight and curved segments

InkScribe - Changing between corner and smooth points

InkScribe - Selecting and editing points and handles

InkScribe - Point deletion

InkScribe - Add points mid-path

InkScribe - Connector mode

InkScribe - Smart Smooth mode


InkScribe - Angle and distance constraint

InkScribe - Closing and joining

InkScribe - Panel and display options

InkScribe - Preferences


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