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Lifelong Payment for New Adobe Products

posted by: Sasha Sashkov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 1

At the last MAX conference, Adobe has announced that starting from June 2013, after nearly 10-year history, the developers practically abandon the further development of Adobe Creative Suite, in order to focus on the service Creative Cloud. From now on, all products of theCS family (Creative Suite) change their "last name” to CC (Creative Cloud) – for example, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and so on. The software from Adobe Creative Suite 6 package will still be sold, the upcoming errors will be corrected, and the product will be also updated, but the production of new applications is no longer planned. There won’t be any Creative Suite 7. Now Adobe will offer only its cloud model as product subscription.

The subscription price for all application of Creative Cloud for individual users will be $49,99 per month, including 20 GB of space on Adobe server and full access to servers.

The access only to one Creative Cloud application will cost $19,99 per month. This tariff plan will also include 20GB of space, but the access to servers will be limited.

There also exists a discount system. The condition to get a discount is a year subscription. The discount will apply only for a year. The owners of CS3 will get access to the full version of Creative Cloud for $29,99 per month, and the owners of CS6 – for $19,99 per month. The owners of any version will get the access to one application for $9,99 per month. The cost of Creative Cloud for organizations will be $69,99 per month per one workplace. The tariff plan includes 100 GB of space on Adobe server and tools for centralized implementation and management.

The users will get the opportunity to work on personal computers and on mobile devises, as well as through web-interface; in this case the content on all devices will be synchronized. The users will have amble opportunities to collaborate and publish projects.

ArsTechnica Publication believes that Creative Cloud is more profitable than Creative Suite. For example, the boxed version of Photoshop CS6 costs $699 for its users, while the subscription to Photoshop CC for two years will cost only $480 for two years. The cost of box version of Master Collection is $2599, and the subscription price will be only $1200 for two years.

At refusal of Creative Cloud subscription, the user loses the access to applications and to the majority of components of a cloud service. So, if the user wants to work with Adobe products, according to new payment scheme, he will be obliged to pay for the software lifelong.

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1 Jon   (2013 May 13 08:05)
I work for State government and CS is used as a side or a tool to managing limited public service booklets. The state approves Adobe CS for purchase but there are strict and limiting laws for any type of subscription purchases.

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