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Free vector - Set of infographic elements

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 1

Today free vector is dedicated to visual presentation of information - infographics. Surely you have often found infographics in books, magazines and newspapers, business plans and analysis reports studying guides, as well as on web pages. Infographics is usually presented in the form of plans, diagrams, simple associative drawings and illustrations, cartoons, etc. Any visual image is suitable for infographics use if it neatly conveys the meaning of the presented information.

Today's Free set of vector elements for infographics will allow you to quickly create diagramms, graphs, quantitative survey results, appropriation by gender, based on the data for multiple countries, etc.

Vector provided today will be available for free download until June 19, 2013. Simply click on the name or image of the Set of infographic elements to download the file from Depositphotos.

Set of infographic elements

Set of infographic elements

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