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Explore all that SubScribe has to offer and it’s FREE!

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These free tools play an essential role for designers who require accuracy. SubScribe is useful for technical illustration, logo and font design. With its help, you can create tangents and perpendiculars to the paths, create a circle according to given points, quickly align objects relatively to horizontals or verticals, create circumscribed and inscribed circles and much more. In today’s review all 14 tools are described, and animated pictures hopefully will help you understand their properties at a single glance.

After installing the SubScribe plug-in icons of its tools appear in the Tools panel.

Tangent and Perpendicular Line Tools

Line tangent to two paths allows you to create a common tangent to two existing paths. SubScribe will create points of these tangents at the only one possible area, no matter where you clicked.

Line tangent to path creates a tangent from the point selected by you to an existing path.

Line tangent from path creates a tangent from the chosen location of the existing path.

Line perpendicular to two paths allows creating common perpendiculars to two existing paths.

Line perpendicular from path creates a perpendicular from the chosen location of the existing path.

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