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I Have Two Dribbble Invitations Again!

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 30

Why do we need it? Dribbbleis a unique content and a community of the best foreign and native designers, endless source of inspiration. And your inspiration can and should be shared as well. And also satisfy your vanity, how it will be without it. And what is not the least important about Dribbble is that it has a good traffic to our website!

If someone does not know, it is a so called "Twitter for Pictures", created by designers for designers. It is not so easy to get an invitation to an exclusive online community of designers, and as a result there is only quality works and best designers on the website. There is no such an intense struggle for invitations in probably any other social network. It is difficult to receive an invitation to Dribbble, though possible too.

Dribbble Invitation

I'm inviting everyone to take part in the competition for two invitations to the social network for Dribbbledesigners:

Leave links to your portfolios in the comments and on September, 6 I'll choose two winners being based solely on your achievements.

Here you can read about the results of the last competition, held on July, 13, to receive one invitation to Dribbble: on July,13 the invitation to Dribbble was given to Cris Vector

UPDATE – September 7: I have picked the winners.

Thanks everybody for submitting your work! There were a lot of worthy portfolios and it was really hard to choose only one but I’ve finally made up my mind.
The Dribbble invites go to Mike Austin and Ryan O. Hicks. Congratulations!

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Total comments: 30
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1 Mike Austin   (2011 Aug 29 01:05)

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2 Daniel Bent   (2011 Aug 29 03:13)

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3 Joe Vains   (2011 Aug 29 04:34)
Hey ! smile Yeah, I'm waiting for a long time a Dribbble Invitation ! smile

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4 Joan Gimeno   (2011 Aug 29 04:38)
I'd love one of those...

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5 komea   (2011 Aug 29 07:19)
I'd love one... Great idea ths competition :

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6 Alexander Käßner   (2011 Aug 29 10:38)
Sounds great!

Take a look at:


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7 Matthew Clark   (2011 Aug 29 21:00)
I would love a dribbble invite!

View work at:


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8 Jerome Clerc   (2011 Aug 30 01:11)
I don't think I have a chance to win, but I try smile

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9 Rob Cleaton   (2011 Aug 31 11:07)

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11 Jelke Smit   (2011 Aug 31 11:13)
My portfolio website is currently under construction (, but you can take a look at my Forrst account for some of my designs:

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13 Ryan O. Hicks   (2011 Aug 31 11:23)
I love pushing pixels and certainly need an invite wink
Good luck everyone.

Portfolio -

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14 Haim ifrah   (2011 Aug 31 11:32)
Hopefully I'm good enough.

Good luck every one!,


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15 Pixiwooh !   (2011 Aug 31 11:57)

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16 Pam Reitmeier   (2011 Aug 31 15:45)
It would be good to be part of here is my site and some of my work.
I am not only a designer but a traditional artist doing mostly woodcuts.

You can see my design works on my site here:
ALL work:
Most of my fine arts work is on flickr so here it is:
Fine Arts:

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17 Pete Castillo   (2011 Aug 31 21:53)
Thank you for the opportunity to snag one of those sweet Dribbble invites! I admire so many Dribbble artist, and would love to be part of the community. Check out my portfolio at:

Thanks again!
Pete C.

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18 Patryk Cichocki   (2011 Sep 02 04:18)
it would be great to be a part of this community smile

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19 Nathan   (2011 Sep 02 14:31)
Thanks for the opportunity

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20 Lukas   (2011 Sep 04 05:38)
I've always looked at Dribbble for inspiration and now I think it's time to showcase my creations:) thanks for doing this Small part of my portfolio:!/Stunkx/media/grid

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Not much up yet but hoping it will be enough wink

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22 Ressa   (2011 Sep 05 22:30)
Thanks for looking, Iaroslav!

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23 Lukas   (2011 Sep 06 10:59)
Who was the big winner?

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24 jaroslav   (2011 Sep 06 11:06)
I will name the winners tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. smile

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25 jaroslav   (2011 Sep 07 02:16)
The Dribbble invites go to Mike Austin and Ryan O. Hicks. Congratulations! biggrin

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26 Lukas   (2011 Sep 07 14:24)
Im sad! sad

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27 haim   (2011 Sep 30 05:21)
should be 6,no? you picked only two.... sad

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28 jaroslav   (2011 Sep 30 05:26)
Why 6? I had only 2 Invitations

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29 Apelsyn   (2012 Nov 09 05:21)
Привет, Ярик, тезка.
Если появился еще инвайтик, поделись плиз.
я на Дрибле
порфтолио на фри-лансе

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30 jaroslav   (2012 Nov 09 05:26)
Привет, новых инвайтов пока нет. Если будут - узнаешь об этом первым biggrin

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