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Dribbble Invitation for Everyone

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 14

I’m giving away one invitation to Dribbble. Who wants a Dribbble invite?

Dribbble is show and tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on. Dribbble is Twitter for Designers and great traffic to your site!

Please, leave a link to your portfolio in the comments and I’ll pick the winner, exclusively based on merit. Of course I can use all the publicity I can get so it doesn’t hurt me if you tweet this post but remember that I will give the invitation to the best portfolio. That’s the only criterium.

The giveaway ends Wednesday 13th.

UPDATE – July 13th: I have picked the winner.
Thanks everybody for submitting your work! There were a lot of worthy portfolios and it was really hard to choose only one but I’ve finally made up my mind.
The Dribbble invites go to Cris Vector , whom I’ve already contacted personally. Congratulations!

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Total comments: 14
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1 Askar Sabiq   (2011 Jul 08 01:37)
My portfolio :

Previously, i have a 'prospect' account on Dribble smile (
Thank you! biggrin

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2 Cris   (2011 Jul 08 01:59) <portfolio

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3 Paul van der Heyde   (2011 Jul 08 02:59)
@Chris - You don't have a Dribbble account yet? I would love an invite, but it makes so much more sense you got one. I follow your work for some time now and it's gorgeous! One of the best vector artist for sure! My thumbs up goes for you.. good luck sir. Just remember me when you do get an invite! (just kidding happy )

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4 Roman   (2011 Jul 08 04:33)
Hi! Here's my portfolio
BTW I've got a prospect account too


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5 Matt Willett   (2011 Jul 08 09:55)

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6 Joennie   (2011 Jul 08 17:01)
Hi! Here's my portfolio:


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7 black   (2011 Jul 08 18:49)
here's mine:
greets wacko

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8 Ruben de Bruijn   (2011 Jul 11 05:09) :portfolio

dribbble prospect account:

My work is very colorful and happy. I like to draw simple monsters and landscapes. I really hope I get the invite.

Thank you.

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9 Alexandre   (2011 Jul 12 08:53)
My portfolio
My dribbble prospect :

I dream of an invitation ...

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10 Alexandr Balyberdin   (2011 Jul 12 11:18)

if still actual, here are some of my work:
All my works in the the Apple App Store:

p.s. I'm developer and designer smile

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11 voodoo   (2011 Jul 24 05:21)
Hello .


I'am a iconfans.

I read in a dribbble you work. Very like your work.

Can I have a medal dribbble invite code? Used for learning

thank you very much.


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13 Yvan   (2011 Aug 25 16:14)
Recents projects :

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14 xizon   (2013 Apr 10 01:03)
I'm a designer, Can I have a medal dribbble invite code? Used for learning


My website:
My portfolio:

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