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Illustrator Discussion: How Can a Vector Designer Protect Their Author’s Rights?

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 1

This question is very topical. It is often discussed on vector forums   and between different vector designers. In this discussion I want to   show you some different ways to protect your author’s rights and how to   find the solution to this problem.

How Can You Protect Your Vector Works from Plagiarism and Stand up for Your Author’s Rights?

We usually send a raster preview of our vector works to our clients and only after the payment we give the source vector file. But depending on the project in which we are taking part, it is not always technically possible or it’s not acceptable by the client.Then we save out vector work in PDF format and set up the protection. To set the PDF file protection go to the File > Save as and choose the PDF format and go to the Security tab in the dialog box. You can password protect the contents against edits, printing or even opening it.

There is an opinion that any file in PDF, EPS, AI or CDR format is easy to crack. If the vector is inside, then it can be imported in any way.

You can tell me that every file has a digital signature which contains the date of creation of the document; in case something happens it is the proof of your author’s rights. One can easily get over this protection by changing the data, time and the name of the file at the other computer. You can protect your works this way- save the source file in any data medium that you have, seal it up in the envelope and send it to yourself by insured letter with the notion of delivery. You shouldn’t open an envelope after the delivery. The post stamp is your evidence of the author’s rights in court. 

The other way of protecting your rights is to register it with a patent office. Moreover you shouldn’t bother to do it yourself, you can simply entrust this task to your lawyer. But this variant requires some money. 

Another way to declare your author’s rights is to place all of the objects into a defined amount of layers. The name of every layer will be made from the letters of your name or the name of your website. In my case it is VECTORBOOM.COM.


You can read full version this Discussion on Vectortuts+

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1 Ian   (2012 Oct 09 18:28)
I didn't think about protection. Thanks for that.

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