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Depositphotos is the Best Source for Premium Royalty-Free Stock Vectors

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

There are many stock websites where you can sell your vector artworks. Which ones should you work with, and which ones are not worth your time? I think that the selection criteria are the following: high level of sales, easy download ability, and loyalty and good attitude of the editors. In this article I want to introduce you to this type of stock website. In addition to the criteria just mentioned it offers some interesting programs designed to encourage you as a supplier of digital products. This stock website is called Depositphotos. Learn more after the jump!

Registration and Requirements for Vector Files

In order to become a contributor you need to pass a little test. Don’t worry, you won’t need to learn anything by heart or pass an examination. Instead, you simply need to register and send 5 sample vector works for testing. The site editors will evaluate your skills. If you have already worked with stock websites then you’ve probably experienced difficulties with the editors who check your files. Sometimes their denials has no logic. Fortunately, you won’t encounter such attitudes on Depositphotos. The editors are friendly with beginners and are always ready to help you. In what ways you may ask? A little patience and I will tell you about it a bit later.

You can upload the images in Ai and EPS formats. Place the files in a ZIP archive which should contain a JPEG/JPG preview of no less than 3.8 MP (2400 x 1600 pixels); the ZIP archive shouldn’t be bigger than 50 MB. This is quite a lange size if you know that the restriction on many stock websites is 10 MB for a vector file.

Uploading the files is an intuitive process. Depositphotos has a very friendly and multilingual (12 languages) interface. I think this process is quite clear for you without reading any instructions. You have also an opportunity to upload your files using a web browser or FTP client. Checking the files will take a couple of days after that it will appear in the in the Stock Vectors.

Level System for Contributors and their Rewards

The more you sell the faster your income increases. There is a provider system and a reward depends on these levels.

You can become an exclusive author, i.e. you sell your works only to Depositphotos. In this case, your reward increases.

Stimulating Program for Contributors and VIP Contributors

Experienced illustrators who have bigger portfolio with illustrations can get a special VIP contributor status. You only need to contact the manager per e-mail, show your portfolio and discuss your process of file uploading. If your vector files contain IPTC information with a title and keywords then you can upload them in one big pack to the FTP server which will be created especially for you. The managers will give the necessary category and post them for sale. Moreover, all contributors who have a large and high quality portfolio will get VIP status automatically. That means privileges from the editors and higher positions in search results. The best contributors with large and high quality portfolios will get an opportunity to activate the unique Promotional Program. Depositphotos pays for every uploaded and accepted-for-sale file $0.10 for up to 500 vector works.

Here is what my friend and successful illustrator Sergii Korolko says about Depositphotos:

 I’ve decided to upload my whole portfolio to Depositphotos. I was pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of the managers. After I registered, they contacted me and asked me to show my portfolio. I showed my portfolio. I was given a personal FTP link after that; they said that my business is only to upload the files and everything else, up to and including file attribution, is their task. Awesome! No one else does it like this.

It’s good to hear a professional’s opinion, but let’s just check it ourselves!

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