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Consultation Illustrator Forum is Now Open!

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments:

  Now you can consult me, ask me questions related to vector graphics. I will try to help you if something is not clear in my or somebody else’s open Adobe Illustrator Tutorial. I can follow up your projects, we can share source files. In other words, I want to turn education into communication.

Nowadays Adobe Illustrator Tutorial is a monologue of the author with a student. Yes, you can leave comments. But are they read by the author, will he or she respond it if you have issues with something that is obvious for the author? Does the author keep an eye on the comments to the tutorial, which was published a month, half a year, a year ago? You know the answer to this question is NO. Remember, all the writers make mistakes in the description, even if they have plenty of experience.
  I often receive letters asking for help in any matter. I never refused anyone. But answering the question, I'm helping only one particular person. Now, I decided to make the dialogue be public. So that my help could become handy to someone who has similar problems.
  Like you are, I am in the process of learning. That's why I care about your issues, especially those in which I do not know the answer. Since I am in vector graphics, I met a lot of brilliant designers, many of whom I became friends with. I’m saying that to the fact that I have someone to consult if any question puts me to a dead end.
  I was learning everything by myself, how fast my learning would be if I could ask someone my "silly" questions. Sometimes some tiny detail, subtlety, nuance can stop the work, I almost give up. Do not give up, ask, even if you think the question seems "silly".
  I just have one request to you: to articulate the issue clearly and do not go deep into the theory – I am primarily a practical person, not a theoretician.
  For advice, I used the forum module. I think it will be more convenient and traditional for you to work with. And, of course, as at any forum you can comment on the created topic, answering users' questions.


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Total comments: 6
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1 rajasegar   (2011 Jul 21 04:15)
great initiative, good luck with that biggrin

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2 jaroslav   (2011 Jul 21 04:18)
Thanks biggrin

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3 johnnyinternets   (2011 Jul 27 04:04)
This is a great idea! Anyone wanting to learn about illustrator will learn so much from this. I can safely say that i wouldn't be able to do half of what i know if it wasn't for your tutorials wink

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4 jaroslav   (2011 Jul 27 04:13)
Thank you for your words.

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5 Joel   (2012 Sep 15 04:36)
How much is your advice?

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6 jaroslav   (2012 Sep 15 05:03)
It's for free on my Illustrator forum

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