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ColliderScribe2 has landed!

posted by: Camilla Jones, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

It’s finally here, the highly anticipated ColliderScribe2!

ColliderScribe2 for Adobe Illustrator bring the brand new Space Fill allowing you to dynamically pack in artwork of any size into any shape! The revised collision tools, including the new Rotate To Collision Tool allows you to collide objects by simply snapping or rotating with speed and precision. Watch the clip…

Improved learning

Astute Graphics has started investing heavily in improved training material to accompany new and existing products. On the ColliderScribe product page, you will find our first new style videos which makes learning the new tools quicker, clearer and a greater pleasure!

Our new movies also make use of YouTube’s subtitles ensuring that non-native English speakers are able to access the material more easily and accurately.

Don’t forget that our YouTube channel contains 100’s of movies covering all our plug-ins and native Adobe Illustrator tools. To visit the new ColliderScribe2 playlist, click here… Just don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for the latest material.

Existing customer?

Existing customers of ColliderScribe version 1 can upgrade to ColliderScribe2 at cost difference of only £15 (approx. $24 / €21, excl. VAT). This also ensures continued operation of your favourite collision tools in the latest release of Adobe’s Creative Cloud – CC2015.

Upgrade in 2 easy steps…

1. Download and install the latest versions
2. Buy your upgrade license by clicking here…

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