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Astute Graphics on target for Illustrator CC release

posted by: Nicolas Van Der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 0

There has been a huge amount of news covering Adobe’s move to the Creative Cloud subscription model. Whether you are intending to instantly jump or sit a little longer on Illustrator CS4, CS5 or CS6, Astute Graphics will have you covered.

This week, we started final testing of the Illustrator CC compatible updates. We are targeting our releases within 28 days of Adobe’s release, if not sooner!

And the best news for customers is that Astute Graphics will not charge an upgrade fee for those who already own Illustrator CS6 compatible plugin licenses – including all purchases made today! The process will be very easy – simply download and install the new releases when made available.

For the latest news, please check our AG Blog, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Click here if you wish to already buy today, including the latest tools Rasterino and InkQuest, plus any bundle combination…

How will Illustrator CC releases affect me in the future?

We are awaiting details from Adobe as to the frequency and level of changes that are expected in each Creative Cloud update. At present, our plugins will be compatible with the initial Illustrator CC release. We would then recommend that Illustrator users check our website or blog for latest compatibility details before opting to install any updates issued.

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