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All products updated with improved activation window, plus stability enhancements

posted by: Nicolas Van Der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 1

October is about to be an exciting month for vector designers, but we first wanted to get some more sedate yet very welcome updates to all Astute Graphics plugin customers.

Each of our 10 plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator have been updated. All feature an improved activation window following feedback and discussions on how we may improve our products, along with some very useful new videos covering the installation, licensing and activation process:

Several of the updates also feature important stability enhancements, whilst our very popular MirrorMe toolset has also gained additional functionality!

All updates are free to customers of plug-ins which are already licensed up to and including Illustrator CS6 and CC(17).

Should I upgrade?

If you have yet to activate your license key, we do recommend these upgrades.

If you are already an activate customer, you should only consider upgrading the products featuring stability enhancements.

If you are looking for plug-ins compatible with Mac OS Mavericks, please refer to this earlier post…

How to download and install

Simply download the latest version(s) from the Free Trial page.

Next, quit Illustrator and run the installer.

Restart Illustrator.

Details of enhancements

ColliderScribe v1.1.2

  • Improved activation interface

DynamicSketch v1.5.4

  • Improved activation interface
  • Preference “Recall Last Used Between Sessions” is now enabled by default.

InkScribe v1.5.2

  • Improved activation interface
  • The size and position of the “S” (smart smooth) and “C” (connector point) annotations has been standardized.
  • Bug fix: After the panel has been changed to compact or expanded with the flyout menu, it will no longer unexpectedly change to its compact state after clicking on a panel item.
  • Bug fix: The orientation icon on the prefs dialog is now updated correctly.

InkQuest v1.0.2

  • Improved activation interface

MirrorMe v1.0.3

  • Improved activation interface
  • Panel flyout menu item “Center Annotation Menu” added.
  • The annotation dialog dragbar will no longer be covered by the ruler.
  • When there is no selection, the “Apply to selection” button (panel and annotation) will be grayed out and unavailable.
  • Single point paths (such as would be created when starting a new path with the pen or InkScribe tool) which are outside of the active sector but close to it (within 12 pixels) are adjusted to be on the nearest active sector axis, making it easier to start a path on an axis. If the point is outside the active sector but not close, it is moved to be completely inside the active sector.
  • Bug fix: Fixed mirroring in some situations when the axis lies exactly along a straight segment of a closed path.
  • Bug fix: Variable stroke width paths with uncentered markers no longer result in a long delay and high memory usage when mirrored across an axis.
  • Bug fix: After drawing a path perpendicularly over a mirroring axis with the pen tool, and with the “Remove Unneeded On-Axis Points” preference enabled, the pen tool no longer only draws single point paths in the active sector.
  • Phantasm v3.0.3

    • Improved activation interface

    Rasterino v1.0.2

    • Improved activation interface

    SubScribe v1.1.1

    • Improved activation interface
    • Bug fix: correct tool icons on Retina displays (Mac)
    • Bug fix: Tangent/Perpendicular to Two Paths tool no longer causes path corruption when the tangent/perpendicular points belong to the same path

    VectorScribe v1.9.3

    • Improved activation interface
    • Bug fix: Smooth points with extremely short handles will no longer erroneously appear eligible to have a dynamic corner applied.
    • Bug fix: Fixed crash when Smart Removing points from a path that had both Dynamic Corners and at least one redundant point.
    • Fixed problems occurring when two Dynamic Corners touched at point 0 of a path (a redundant point could be created and the corner touch status lost).
    • After making many Dynamic Measures, the “delete” and “convert” buttons no longer disappear, and Illustrator does not become unstable [Windows CS6 only].

    WidthScribe v1.2.2

    • Improved activation interface
    • Bug fix: Fixed crash when varying width markers on a path with at least one noncentered marker.
    • Bug fix: Fixed crash when quitting Illustrator with the plug-in deactivated.
    • Bug fix: The About dialog now correctly updates after activation/deactivation (Windows).

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