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Adobe Creative Cloud and Astute Graphics plugins

posted by: Nicolas Van Der Walle, in Articles / News/ Comments: 1

Now that Adobe has announced its decision to cease producing boxed versions of its programs in favour of the Cloud’s perpetual license, how does this affect Astute Graphics customers?

We want to reassure you all of our intention to remain committed to maintaining compatibility for our products with the latest releases of Illustrator.

We have already made plans in our development schedule for the newest updates. This was due to be called "CS7″ but will now be the launch of "Creative Cloud”. We anticipate that our software will be ready for use with Creative Cloud shortly after the Cloud’s launch and at this time do not expect to be making any charge for the updated software.

Previously, new releases of Illustrator were between one to two years apart. However, with the new Creative Cloud format, updates may be released on a far more regular basis. The level of complexity of these updates will determine the development turnaround time and any associated cost for our products to be made compatible. Therefore, customers of the Creative Cloud using Astute Graphics plug-ins may have an interim period after a Cloud update where our products are not immediately compatible with Illustrator.

Our business team at Astute Graphics has an extremely good working relationship with Adobe and we are in regular communication with Illustrator’s project management team. We will, of course, endeavour to forward plan as much as we can with information we receive to ensure we continue to provide up to date high quality software for Illustrator users.

For customers who are not planning to move onto the Creative Cloud, we are continuing to maintain and support earlier versions of Illustrator (currently CS4 and above).

Whilst various plug-in providers have already ceased to support new versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite, at Astute Graphics we are dedicated to advancing our product range with more innovative and creative tools planned for you throughout the coming year! In fact next week we will be announcing yet another new product – that’s our third in six months! Alongside this new product launch we will also be announcing a few other changes to our range, all with the aim of keeping our software simple, useable and affordable to as many designers as possible. Please keep up to date with our blog and for the latest information join our newsletter mailing list if you haven’t already.

Thank you once again for your custom and support,

The Astute Graphics Team

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1 Andrew713   (2013 May 11 11:34)

still intending to release a new set of plugins for use in CS7 / CC1 / CC2 etc, just probably won't be the set of 26 plugin volumes on The changeover from CS5 / CS6 / 32bit / 64bit just proved too much.

All the Astute plugins work excellently with CS6, certainly looking forward to the updates to CC as well as the new plugins from Astute - they have always proved very useful


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