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Adobe Announces the Release of Bluetooth-stylus for iPad and Digital Ruler

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News/ Comments: 1

At its annual MAX conference, Adobe has announced its first hardware device: Bluetooth - Stylus for iPad and digital ruler. Both products are still in the developmental stage. Pricing policy remains behind a veil of secrecy, but Adobe promises to send new products into mass production as soon as possible.

Bluetooth-stylus, Project Mighty, is different from similar products because of closer integration with graphics applications of Adobe. Project Mighty is a pressure sensitive stylus that can work with the iPad and other tablets. Stylus is connected to gadgets via Bluetooth-connection, and all the settings and data are stored inside the Creative Cloud. Storing of the settings and data inside the cloud allows you to use the stylus regardless if it is a mobile gadget or software. Moreover, stylus is equipped with its own memory.

Digital ruler, Project Napoleon, will work alongside with a stylus as well, is placed directly on the touch screen and allows you to not only draw lines like a regular range, but also serves as a protractor and a tool for drawing curves.

Adobe has also demonstrated special software that recognizes fingers as a tool. Using your fingers, for example, you can erase a just drawn image or a line, and also return to the previous step.

The company has demonstrated the capabilities of new devices on an iPad and Apple smartphone.

Adobe also introduced the concept of an interactive "wall", which will be primarily attractive for the publishing business. This is a set of three large touch screens, one of which lies horizontally and is a kind of a drafting desk. All the elements can be moved by hand, and they are synchronized between three monitors.

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