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4 Most Useful Apps for Graphic Designers

posted by: Todd Green, in Articles / News/ Comments: 1

Most graphic designers use desktop and laptop computers when creating images. While those are useful tools, they sometimes aren't very convenient. Take your career to the next level by using these four mobile apps for graphic designers. They'll give you the power to create no matter where you are.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Image via Google Play

Operating systems: Android and iOS

Price: Free to download. In-app purchases cost between $0.99 and $59.99.

Adobe makes some of the world's most sophisticated photograph and design software for desktop computers. With Photoshop Express, the company brings its best features to your smartphone or tablet.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a photo editing app that lets you:

  • Remove blemishes
  • Adjust colors
  • Add filters
  • Remove red eye

It even has a rendering engine that lets you work with panoramic images and other large files.
While the basic version of Photoshop Express is useful for amateurs, professionals should purchase extra packages that make the app more dynamic. The Advanced Pack, for instance, will give you more filters to bring images to life. Since you can add each pack individually, you can choose the ones you want instead of committing to a large expense.


Image via Google Play

Operating systems: Android and iOS

Price: $1.99

Paperless gives you an easy way to capture ideas on your mobile device. If you have a meeting with a potential client, you can use the app to display some of your ideas. If you have a flash of inspiration while you're sitting on the train, just use your smartphone to record it. The app gives you several creation tools so you can:

  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Color
  • Sketch
  • Write

You even get the benefit of working with three layers, so you can create fairly complex graphics on your smartphone. Like many desktop programs, you can toggle between layers and set their opacity levels.
When you're finished creating your image, Paperless lets you save it by sharing on Facebook, adding it to your mobile device's gallery, or uploading it to cloud storage.

AutoCAD 360

Operating systems: Android and iOS

Price: Free to download, but a subscription costs between $49.99 and $99.99 per year.
If you work with clients who use DWG files, then you should have a graphic design app that recognizes the format. AutoCAD 360 is a great option that lets you view and create DWG files on the go.

While AutoCAD 360 isn't quite as powerful as some of the software used on desktop machines, it does offer some impressive features. Once you have a subscription, you can:

  • View drawing coordinates
  • Send your designs directly to other devices
  • Add comments to images
  • Use GPS for accurate measuring

Not all graphic designers bother learning how to use computer-aided drafting (CAD) software because they think it's only useful for architects and engineers. By getting AutoCAD 360, you can take a new approach to creating your designs. Not all of your clients will take advantage of this skill, but those who do will pay you well for it. That's the advantage of knowing how to do something that other people in your profession ignore.


Operating systems: Android

Price: Offers in-app purchases

There are a lot of apps that will generate color palettes, but SHADZ stands out as one of the best. With SHADZ, you can use your smartphone's camera to grab a color and add it to your palette. From there, you can create analogs, complements, triads, and other types of palettes that will bring your graphic designs to life. Since SHADZ relies on your smartphone's camera, for instance the 12MP dual-pixel rear camera on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is perfect for capturing the colors you need, even in low light.

Buying the Pro version of SHADZ makes it possible for you to send your work to Photoshop and Illustrator. This makes it easy to start a project on your mobile device and finish it on your desktop.

There are several in-app purchases available for SHADZ. Each one costs $0.99 and will give you something useful or fun to work with.

There are hundreds of apps that graphic designers may find useful. After you master these four, feel free to compare them with others. Chances are that you'll keep coming back to these.

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