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How to Start and Build Your Freelance Design Business

If you have a passion for graphic design, the thought of starting your own freelance design business likely may have crossed your mind before. Of course, there are plenty of challenges to starting a business no matter what field it is in, and these challenges are far-too-often enough to discourage many designers from ever striking out on their own.

posted by: Joe Daley, in Articles / News, on 2018 Feb 07 Read More
DynamicSketch v2 – What’s New

DynamicSketch v2 has just been released making sketching a true joy in Adobe Illustrator! Regardless whether you use a mouse, trackpad, Wacom, Surface Pro or any other Mac or Windows device, it will bring a whole new dimension to your creative and illustrative...

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News, on 2017 Jul 05 Read More
Say “Hello” to VectorFirstAid
VectorFirstAid doesn't disappoint. It's a departure from our existing creative tools as it doesn't allow you to draw, tweak shapes or add effects. Instead it concentrates on the task of cleaning artwork and making good in a fraction of the time any professional designer could dream of to completing manually. We have never produced a tool that saves EVERY Illustrator user with ANY workflow more time!
posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News, on 2017 Mar 07 Read More
Infographic: Explore Shutterstock’s Global Creative Trends That Will Shape 2017

Stay one step ahead with Shutterstock’s Creative Trends infographic, our look at the styles and trends that will dominate 2017. With information gathered from billions of searches, plus expert knowledge from our design, video, and music teams, we show what’s on the rise around the world.

posted by: Eleanor Innis, in Articles / News, on 2017 Jan 31 Read More
VectorScribe v3 Brings Even More Vector Control

Improved tools, focused learning and amazing results are all the focus of VectorScribe v3 – the latest and greatest plug-in for Adobe Illustrator developed by Astute Graphics!

posted by: nick, in Articles / News, on 2016 Oct 20 Read More
10 Years of Astute Graphics; a “Thank You” Giveaway!

Here at Astute Graphics we’re celebrating 10 years of our plug-ins and as you can see, it’s been a busy, productive and eventful decade! As a thank you to our customers, for a limited time we’re offering all of you a FREE Stylism license key...

posted by: Lorna, in Articles / News, on 2016 Sep 15 Read More
4 Most Useful Apps for Graphic Designers

Most graphic designers use desktop and laptop computers when creating images. While those are useful tools, they sometimes aren't very convenient. Take your career to the next level by using these four mobile apps for graphic designers. They'll give you the power to create no matter where you are.

posted by: Todd Green, in Articles / News, on 2016 May 23 Read More
New Texturino is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator

Texturino is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator (versions CS6 to CC) for helping to create more natural, organic artwork with depth. Never again resort to using photo editing software to finish off vector work you’ve crafted in Illustrator!

posted by: AstuteGraphics, in Articles / News, on 2016 Feb 26 Read More
The Portable Designer: Using Illustrator on the Go

The field of graphic design has changed dramatically during the digital era. Historically, any ideas you had during your travels required a great deal of improvisation to bring to life. You’d either have to sketch your drawings on a pad or find a local computer with graphic design software. Adobe Illustrator fundamentally altered the situation by providing a bevy of on-the-go solutions for all your professional needs. Here are six ways to maximize Adobe Illustrator when you’re on the road.

posted by: Todd Green, in Articles / News, on 2016 Jan 22 Read More
25% OFF WidthScribe v2 for a limited time only!

WidthScribe v2 is one of our most popular plug-ins and to celebrate this we are offering 25% OFF for a limited time only! To use the discount please enter code WS2 at the checkout to add your discount to your basket total. As well as 25% OFF WidthScribe v2...

posted by: Georgie Hulburd, in Articles / News, on 2016 Jan 19 Read More
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