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Vector artists all over the world came to Odessa to vector art exhibition OdessaDraw

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration/ Comments: 2

Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art hosted a Vector Art Exhibition "OdessaDraw". The exhibition "OdessaDraw" made possible by contributions of companies Corel and Wacom. Works of 80 different artists from the USA, Argentina, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Peru, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, and Ukraine were presented at the exhibition. These people not only use computer graphics for their designs, but also experiment a lot to create a real picture. The very first exhibition of vector art in Eastern Europe, surprisingly to its developers, turned out to be also the biggest in the world.

"Vector is the most technologically advanced types of design. Works, made in this style, are simply amazing. Here you can find animals, show business stars, mystical creatures, and even the Queen of England. This art has neither boundaries, nor censorship. At the exhibition were presented works of famous designers, whose creations cost thousands of dollars, as well as works of beginning designers", - says the organizer and the inspirer of OdessaDraw, one of the best vector artists in the world according to Corel- Evgeniy Larionov.

I was invited to participate in the exhibition with my artwork - Burning Vector Match.

Iaroslav Lazunov, Ukraine

Please check out some more works of vector graphics from "OdessaDraw" exhibition

Dmitry Lucas, Ukraine

Tatiana Prokofieva, Belarus

Lukasz Cyndzer, Poland

Rifqi a.k.a Mocho, Indonesia

Aditya Permadi, Indonesia

Öncü Türkmen, Turkey

Victoria Vasilyeva, Russia

Sketch of this fairy tale character was used when writing a tutorial "How quickly to clear outline of vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Raul Seng, Mexico

Predrag Delic, Serbia

Christina Burilova, Latvia

Olli Teittinen, Finland

Leo Jamelli, UK

Lucas Pereira da Silva, Brazil

Szilvia Mikó, Hungary

Wino S Kadir, Indonesia

Koen Edward, Indonesia

Martin Purba, Indonesia

Marko Petsch, Germany

Angga Tantama, Indonesia

Andrew Nye, UK

Adam Tri Nuryanto, Indonesia

Grelin Machin, Canada

Andrei Krasnov, Ukraine

Nikita Abakoumov, Russia

Ivan Dario Camelo, Colombia

Jui, Indonesia

Alexandra Torbina

Ivan Petrusevski, Macedonia

Steven Patrick Carrasco, Philippines

Ann Tae-yun, Korean People Democratic Republic

Anton Batov, Russia

Mart - Art

Andre Placitte, Brazil

Vicente Mateo Serra, Spain

Andrey Adno, Russia

Maria Dimova, Moldova

Wolfberry Studio, USA

Vanesa Abati, Spain

Kazu Livingstone, Malaysia

Сristian Сamilo, Colombia

Manzur Ghozaali, Indonesia

Orlando Arocena, USA

Romanova Ksenia, Russia

CharadaBrasileiro, Brazil

ZELenoglazka, Russia

Inumocca, Indonesia

Francorreajomar, Philippines

Alexander Oglushevich, Russia

Sasha Malysheva

MrCarik, Indonesia


Conrado Salinas

Olga Bubnova

YuLia Sokolova, Russia

Daniel Delgado

Renzo González

Aleksandra Torbina

Another participant

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