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Russian illustrator Ivan Belikov

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Ivan Belikov was born on July 4, 1991 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. He has been drawing since childhood- devoting all his free time to it. As many children, he was fond of animation, and dreamt that he becomes an animator one day. He drew his comics in his copy-books, invented new characters. Ivan studied at the art school, where he learned the basic art skills. In the art school he decided that he won’t become an artist. However, illustration attracted him a lot- the opportunity to bring artistic ideas to life and to select a good visual image excited him. Powerful motivation for Ivan was artworks of other graphic designers, and his desire to be better than everyone else.

Nowadays, Ivan creates illustrations, T-shirt designs, posters and covers for music albums; he also participates in interesting designer projects. Birds, insects and plants take a very special place at his artworks. He pays great attention to details and makes his creations look realistic, that’s why even fragments of his works look no worse than the entire illustration.

Personal series of illustration about social networks

I wish you were here

Illustration, Print Design


Your Choice // Warning Shot



Abandoned / Nike

ANTEATER / Nature of the Beast

City of the Lost / Chase the Flow

Ivan Belikov on the Web::

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