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Outstand Vector Inspiration: Masters of Gradient Mesh

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration/ Comments: 11

Looking at some vector work of the gradient mesh artists, it is so hard to believe that this is not a photo, they are so realistic. How much time, patience and experience you need to achieve such results! I think it is not work, it is meditation. Check it out yourself.

When hovering the cursor over an image you can see the gradient mesh in Outline mode.

Takashi Morisaki





Frozen in Time




Tyra - dream




Canon 5D Mark II


Christina Aguilera

Yukio Miyamoto

French Horn

Leica Camera


The Major Power!




Marina aka Taiga




Wayne Forest

The Light

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Total comments: 11
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1 johnnyinternets   (2011 Jun 06 08:17)
Some of these are just amazing. The cat illustration....... surprised This just blows my mind. If i couldn't see the outline mode, i would never believe it was drawn in illustrator. Simply amazing. Great article!

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2 mario   (2011 Jun 14 13:31)
Wow, what a master

Guau, que maestro, me le quito el sombrero

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3 kflury   (2011 Aug 19 11:34)
These are absolutely AMAZING!!!

Sometimes I wonder though "Why?". Why take all the time to create an amazing vector when an amazing photograph already existed before it? Obviously, you can scale it up, but is there any other reason? Or is just testing/pushing your skills? I am not trying to be facetious, I am just truly curious.

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4 jaroslav   (2011 Aug 19 11:44)
I also ask myself this question. I think it's meditation. biggrin

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5 MuddGrip   (2012 Feb 17 20:58)
To prove you can!

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6 gradient mesh   (2012 Mar 29 14:50)
I like the last one smile

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7 Jeanetmarie   (2012 Apr 08 07:22)
I agree with 3 Kflury,
What's the point? I used to think I was the only one asking myself that. biggrin

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8 Tony   (2012 May 23 11:36)
The point is that it's awesome,you can do so much with this kind of work

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9 surendra   (2012 Aug 27 20:30)
These are absolutely AMAZING!!! i think my point is zero?

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10 d4   (2013 Jan 24 10:39)
There's no way that baseball glove is not a picture

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11 kiki wannz   (2014 Sep 04 05:40)
wow..... just amazing....
cat and the camera lens just woke me up...
amazing stuff....

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