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Gradient Mesh Tutorials from Quarrie Franklin

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration/ Comments: 1

I'm a digital artist, self-proclaimed Illustrator with a degree in Graphic Design. I started drawing at the age of 6. I put my heart into my work, I'm addicted to every piece I work on. I just need the right opportunity to break into the art world. I don't care about getting rich, I just want to take care of my family. My family and my art keeps me grounded. I thank God for blessing me with eyes to create art.

Gradient Mesh Tutorials

Beginners Tutorial for the Gradient Mesh Tool

To use Outline view mode for one layer click on the eye icon in Layer panel while holding the Command / Ctrl key. To open Navigator panel go to Window > Navigator. To swap between Direct Selection Tool and Eyedropper Tool use Command / Ctrl key. Also you should use the Convert Anchor Point Tool (Shift + C).

How to Start a Gradient Mesh Face In Illustrator

"Patience is the key!!!"

How to Blend a Gradient Mesh in Illustrator CS5

Create a black shape around the meshed object. Select the object, then go to Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur... and set radius in the dialog box. Now select the gradient mesh and the black object. Open Transparency panel (Window > Transparency), then select "Make Opacity Mask" in the fly-out menu of this panel. Tick "Invert Mask" in the Transparency panel.

How to Gradient Mesh Eye Creases in Illustrator

Vector Artworks

The Amazing Spider-Man Vector

...and Outline

Look Into My Eyes Vector

...and Outline

Freckles Gradient Mesh

...and Outline

Quarrie Franklin on Web

Total comments: 1
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1 Colbert Philippe   (2013 Oct 13 15:04)
Do you find the tool Mesh Tormentor useful? Do you find certain functions missing in Illustrator gradient mesh tool in Adobe? For example, when it's time to picking up color below the mesh, why can't this be done by the push of single button?

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