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Illustrations, Vector Graphics, and Gif Animations from Denis Krasavchikov

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration/ Comments: 2

In today’s review I’d like to introduce you some works of a talented Russian designer - Denis Krasavchikov aka Krol. This overview shows you some vector and raster graphics, and also gif animations that were made by Denis.

After graduating university with a degree in economics, Denis starts working in graphic design sphere. He began his career working in the printing house. Also Denis was engaged in freelance work; he worked as a designer in Madgroup company, as well as in creative agency "Red Sneakers”. These days he is an art-director in the company APR Eurasia; he is engaged in advertising, he draws illustrations and creates videos. His dream is to take part in creation of a full-length animated film and an on-line game.

I want to quote some of Denis’s advice for the beginner designers, published on the pages of famous website - HintHunter: "If you’re a beginner illustrator or a beginner graphic designer, then don’t spare any paper, pencils, your hands, and your free time. With more practice comes better understanding of shape, volume, and color. Cultivate a sense of taste. Look at and learn other people’s artwork. Observe their tricks, methods, composition, and nature of the characters. Read professional literature. Try to practice as much as possible - all useful knowledge without practice is useless. Pay attention to everything that is related to your work. Don’t miss even the slightest detail. Look at your creations from different angles - perhaps it will be revealed eventually in an entirely different way. Express yourself. Get high from what you’re doing and arise joy in others. Don’t be afraid to take on work that you’ve never done before. Yes, it will require more effort and patience, but it will bring you some new experience and confidence. If you have some idea, try to realize it immediately; otherwise it will go to some other person. And, of course don’t forget to love what you’re doing. Only then it will turn into joy. If you don’t like your job, quit it. Life it too short to spend it on something that doesn’t bring any joy.

Denis Krasavchikov on the web:

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