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Vector Inspiration: Fabulous World of Huan Tran

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration/ Comments: 0

"I like vector art for its properties, being able to render clean lines easily and soft shapes as well. I like that objects can be moved, edited and coloured with ease, which also lends well to the revisions process of a project. Tying back into my statement about my fascination with contrast, Illustrator allows me to combine graphic and painterly styles with ease and play with an array of contrast techniques. Working digitally in addition provides flexibility for me to output at different sizes and to be able to simply email the finals to clients, which streamlines the process from artist to buyer."

"I actually still use Illustrator 10. Mostly due to laziness. I'm just comfortable with this version and it has all I need, to do what I want. Nobody has really shown me a new tool in CS that has made me go "Wow, holy jebus! I must upgrade now!"

From Interview with Huan Tran for

You can find out more about Huan Tran on his Website.

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