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Great vector artist - Bryan Davis

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration/ Comments: 0

Today I want to introduce you a talented vector artist Bryan Davis, who lives in Maryland, USA. From his artworks you will find out about his hobbies, passions, and dreams. “Be open, because art is a dance of sorts in that one creates, one observes and the result may stimulate more or perhaps even less art. When creating art, I keep in mind the "form-follows-function" concept; however, when I view art the function of the art becomes reliant on the form being observed. Happy creating and let’s get distracted!!!” – he says.

george clooney simplex caricature vector

The Godfather of Soul

"Make it Funky" - you can't listen to James Brown without moving, even if it's just a head nod.

James Brown

George Clooney

Simplex caricature.

george clooney simplex caricature vector


This is one of my all time favorite movies - who didn't want to roll like Marcus Graham back in ' I feel old looking at some of the styles back then though, I was like eighteen. That condo was vicious and he was dating (in the movie) two of my favorite women at the time too, Halle and Robin (+ Sunshine: Lelah Rashon). I sort of miss that period in time: The Cosby Show, A Different World - there was much more positivity back then. I guess it got too boring - everything must change.

Boomerang vector


I'm a fan of J. Moss - great singer, song writer, producer...

J. Moss - great singer

Another Take on the Amazon


The Young Lions KF - artwork from the cd cover

The Young Lions KF - artwork from the cd cover


Beez Wheels

Be the Hero

"Be the Hero" illustrated by yours truly, based on the cover art of Frank Miller for Daredevil Visionaries Vol. 2....benefit of being an artist, you can exercise a bit of justifiable vanity.

D'Angelo Soul-Funk'Matician

One of my favorite music artists, D'Angelo...dig all his music.

GoLion Voltron

Artist at Work

The Collab

The Gown

Form Feme Lines 003

One for the DA Art-Crew

Cool Breezes on the White Sands


Bryan D. Davis on the web:

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