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Illustrations of Charlene Chua

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Charlene Chua spent her youth growing up in Singapore, where she divided her time between drawing, reading comics and failing her Mandarin classes. She started her working life in 1998 as a web designer, and went on to become a senior graphic designer, web producer and interactive project manager, with companies like Ogilvy Interactive and The Gate Worldwide. She decided to pursue illustration as a career in 2003, eventually moving over to full-time illustration in 2006.

Since then she has worked with clients from North America, Europe, Singapore and Australia on a wide variety of illustration projects. Her work has appeared in the American Illustration, Spectrum and SILA's Illustration West, as well as several art books. She illustrated the children's picture book 'Julie Black Belt' for Immedium Publishing, and the short story 'Eidolon' and 'Worn' for Image comic's Liquid City anthology.

In 2007 she moved to Toronto, Canada, with her husband and two cats. She now spends her time illustrating, working on comics, watching video games and telling people her last name is 'choo-wah', not choo, chui, choi, chew...

You can find out more about Charlene Chua on her Website.

Charlene's creative process

Interview with Charlene Chua

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