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Collection of great Typography tutorials

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration/ Comments: 1

Today I present you a couple of video typography tutorials. Here you can get acquainted with the tools needed to create text objects in Adobe Illustrator, learn about the basic principles of typography, and watch some practical video tutorials which demonstrate the creation of interesting text effects.

But first a little history...

The brief history of typography and Illustrator

This overview explores how the creation of type, that balances communication with beauty, became a major focus for applications like Illustrator.

Type in Illustrator CS6

This video provides an overview of the Type Tool in Illustrator CS6. It covers the Type Tool, the Area Type Tool, Type on a Path as well as creating type vertically. Learn how to change the font color, add a stroke, and much more.

Using the Touch Type tool

The latest release of the application- Adobe Illustrator CC- got a new tool for work with text, which is called the Touch Type Tool. With the Touch Type tool, you have a fine-tune control over the appearance of text in Illustrator. This tutorial shows you how to use the Touch Type tool on desktops and touch-enabled devices.

Possession of the tools doesn’t necessarily implies the ability to create a good design. Therefore, I recommend you to check out the following tutorials, which will enlighten the Typography Design for you.

Basic typography

It's not a technical tutorial- it's a creative walk through really basic typography application.

Graphic Design Tutorial: Typography and Design

In this video, I talk about the interplay of design and typography, and some ways to think about how they work together.

Graphic Design Tutorial: Choosing fonts

This tutorial is about the right font selection for your design work. I did my best to explain the most important factors (for me personally) to consider when making font choices.

And now I suggest to switch from theory to practice and watch a couple of tutorials, which demonstrate creation of amazing text effects.

How to Create Custom Typography

This tutorial demonstrates a step-by-step creation of a logo. This is an inspiration search; starting your work in Adobe Illustrator, logo printing and text editing with no digital means, scanning and processing in Photoshop, and finally, getting back to Adobe Illustrator.

Typography Effects Tutorial

Here's a tutorial explaining the process of creating a cool, retro themed type effect.

Creating Vintage Inspired Typography in Illustrator

In this video you will learn how to create vintage style typography

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1 Pawel Kuc   (2014 Feb 01 04:17)
thanks for the amazing collection!

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