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Vector Inspiration: Little Thoughts from Andrew Nye

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration/ Comments: 0

Our guest today is a famous designer Andrew Nye.  "I'm learning 3D right now, but vector for me still provides the best flexibility for conceptual images.” – he says. Learn more about Andrew Nye, his  illustrations after the jump.

Hi friends!

My name is Andrew Nye and I am a designer and image maker based in East London.

I studied Graphic design at Greenwich University where I was drawn to the Graffiti subculture and Banksy / Ron English style conceptual art. They had a refreshing straightforward honesty and cut through to the heart. I love the clever simplicity of negative space logo designs too. My original inspiration was to create a colourful Banksy that had honest messages but a bit less confrontational and political…and less gritty… maybe not Banksy at all then!

Most of my work on the web is personal self expression or random concept experiments (i have a series of 10 or so musical birds i'm just finishing up now - not sure why!)


I like to experiment with styles for my work as a branding designer creating visual identities, but with image making i've always thought style can only take you so far and a good idea lasts longer, so i tend to focus more on the idea…

I'm learning 3D right now, but vector for me still provides the best flexibility for conceptual images.

Andrew Nye on the Web:

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