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What Benefits Will Give You the Creative Cloud?
Adobe Creative Cloud is a new subscription offering from Adobe. It will be available next Monday. Tune in for a live online event April 23 to see how Adobe is reinventing the creative process with the release of Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6!
posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News, on 2012 Apr 20 Read More
SubScribe Designer (Beta) now available!

SubScribe Designer — our new plugin for Adobe Illustrator CS3-CS5.1 (Mac and Windows) — has finally been made available! It’s free to Astute Graphics’ customers since March 2011. It’s our way of saying a huge "thank you!” for all your support and helping Astute Graphics grow from strength to strength.

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News, on 2012 Apr 19 Read More
Adobe Illustrator CS6 Sneak Peek: Gradients on Strokes
Join Illustrator product manager Brenda Sutherland, as she shows how the new gradients on strokes feature in Illustrator CS6 lets you create artwork that looks complex but is easy to edit.
posted by: , in Articles / News, on 2012 Apr 17 Read More
Envato’s Most Wanted – $1,000 Reward for the First 40 Illustrator Actions
We’re putting a $1000 bounty on the heads of Envato’s most wanted file type – Illustrator Actions on GraphicRiver. The first 40 files uploaded (and subsequently approved) to GraphicRiver each get $25 (with a maximum of 4 files or $100 per author).
posted by: , in Articles / News, on 2012 Apr 16 Read More
Best of the Illustrator Tutorials – March 2012

Each month, we'll search the web for the best vector-related content and showcase it here for you all to enjoy. This month, we showcase high quality tutorials on creating photorealistic vector illustrations, drawing with a graphics tablet, designing vector characters, and more. We have loads of tutorials and useful vector freebies inside. Dig into March's illustration and design material for vector lovers.

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Inspiration, on 2012 Apr 01 Read More
Astute Graphics acquires PointExp IP

The aquisition of PointExp's products will both compliment and further extend Astute Graphics' range of vector creative workflow tools for Adobe Illustrator users.

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News, on 2012 Mar 30 Read More
Dynamic Sketch  Tool for Adobe Illustrator (Movies)

The Dynamic Sketch tool is a very intelligent tool with an understanding of the drawing process. For example, by sketching in a circular motion, the tool will optionally interpret this gesture and create a perfect circle. It will also intelligently join intersecting paths to allow shapes to be constructed quickly and easily. If you're a fan of drawing more naturally in vector, but you'd like to speed things up, you'll love the Dynamic Sketch tool.

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News, on 2012 Mar 09 Read More
Inkscribe Tool for Adobe Illustrator (Movies)

Use Inkscribe to replace the Pen and its related tools, and it will revolutionise the way you draw precise and calculated shapes. The tool offers a smooth transition for experienced users to gain more freedom, power and time savings when meticulously drawing in vector. But it will also help those new to Illustrator to concentrate on the creative process rather than which keypress to aim for. Watch the movie via  to learn more:

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News, on 2012 Mar 08 Read More
Win 66 Abstract Backgrounds from!
As the guys at have launched a new Mega Design Bundle which contains over 900 design elements, which, for the following 15 days, are to be available for only $37 instead of $550, they have also decided to host this incredible contest which will give you the opportunity of winning the Abstract Backgrounds Bundle!
posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / News, on 2012 Mar 06 Read More
DrawScribe – get your 14 day trial now!

After a year of intensive development, and months of careful fine-tuning, we’re extremely excited to introduce DrawScribe — a brand new plugin for Adobe Illustrator. Consisting of two major vector artwork creation tools – InkScribe and Dynamic Sketch – DrawScribe will give you more time to focus on the creative aspect of the drawing process. As with all Astute Graphics plugins, we’ve provided a FREE 14 day trial which is now available for you to download

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Articles / News, on 2012 Mar 06 Read More
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