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Illustrator Forum » Questions » Vector Graphics » PathScribe - Keeping handles equal? (How do I drag a line to curve symetrically?)
PathScribe - Keeping handles equal?
Glenn_UKDate: Friday, 2014 Jan 03, 07:41 | Message # 1
Group: Human
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Let's say I have a straight line (one segment, 2 endpoints only) at an arbitrary angle.

(Illustrator CC Smart Guides are on: SnapDistance=4px)

With PathScribe, how can I grab the centre point of that line and drag it out so the angle and the length of the resulting two handles remain equal to each other? (ie at a right-angle to the line)?

Even when the line is vertical (an upright side of a rectangle for example) and a horiz guide line intersects it at exactly half way... when I grab the mid-point, with the green 'Intersect' indicator inside PathScribe's red circle and I try to drag it horizontally (following the guide) the handles do not remain consistently equal to each other.

I've tried several key combinations (Windows: UK keyboard) but with no luck.

What am I missing? Advice/direction will be very welcome, and appreciated.
Glenn_UKDate: Saturday, 2014 Jan 04, 02:42 | Message # 2
Group: Human
Messages: 2
Status: Offline
Okay, I got it!

It is the Shift Key, after all - but the first click needs to be towards the end of the path (then Shift-Drag) and not, as I was trying, clicking first at the Centre of the path (which will, with Shift-Drag, present a quite different behaviour).


Off Subject.... Odd Forum this (the only one covering Astute Graphics that I could find)....threads with literally thousands of views and yet only the tiniest handful of responses...
jaroslavDate: Saturday, 2014 Jan 04, 03:40 | Message # 3
Group: Administrators
Messages: 63
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Yes, you are right. You should press Shift key after dragging a straight segment.
By the way you can find more useful Pathscribe shortcuts here
Illustrator Forum » Questions » Vector Graphics » PathScribe - Keeping handles equal? (How do I drag a line to curve symetrically?)
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