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Forum moderator: jaroslav  
Illustrator Forum » Questions » Vector Graphics » Tormentor - Gradient Mesh plugin (common questions)
Tormentor - Gradient Mesh plugin
jaroslavDate: Tuesday, 2011 Sep 13, 10:29 | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
Messages: 63
Status: Offline
Sender's name: Jeff C

Hello Mr.Lazunov,..
you know better than most how urgently Mesh Tormentor was needed in AI especially for Blending gradient meshes (via BrushMeshGrids) otherwise impossible in Illustrator without it. Thank you so much for this and all MeshTormentor tools finally allowing animation of gradient meshes, their effects and capabilities.

I have a very complicated gradient mesh1 with 256 nodes sofar, that i need to..
1) Make BMG mesh1 then EvelopeDistort into a different Path shape,
2) edit and Expand to a BMG mesh2 and then,
3) Blend between BMG mesh1 and mesh2.
4) Convert BMG to Mesh,
5) Expand into gradient meshes and ungroup.
But the EvelopeDistort leaves gaps between the SOURCE Content boundary path and the TARGET Envelope path UNLESS the source Content path is RECTANGULAR. So first in other software i must Warp the BMG mesh till aligned with a Rectangular paths edges and save as DXF to re-import into AI for enveloping before continuing on to CloneColor
But when i re-import it into AI it is no longer a BMG but just paths. (Let me know how and i'll send example "1-AIMTBMG.dxf")

So i then..
1) use Pathfinder > Divide to produce closed paths, then i delete random path fragments,
2) then "Create one cell Mesh based on Path" and delete random mesh fragments.
But then "Sew Together" FAILS! before i can use Convert BMG to Mesh.
A) Please show me how to Sew Together these One Cell Meshes so i may Convert BMG to Mesh and then ColorClone with the original mesh?
cool In AI, how to Warp paths along a curve or warp in the directions of multiple curves?
Thanks for any help so as you've a free moment,
your fan, Jeff C
jaroslavDate: Wednesday, 2011 Sep 14, 03:11 | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
Messages: 63
Status: Offline
I've contacted the developer and sent him your dxf file. He suggests not to use other programs to edit BMG.
This problem won't be solved with the help of pathfinder box.
Yemz wants to see screen shots which will show the appearing problems.
Moreover, he prepares the renovation of the program which will help to solve your problem in the nearest future.
Your active participation helps in development of higher quality product. Thanks.
shamguy4Date: Sunday, 2012 Feb 26, 11:48 | Message # 3
Group: Human
Messages: 2
Status: Offline
I'm trying to make this cool shell i found. the shell shape on left (picture attached).
using mesh tormentor i made a brush below and set it to the spiral but it gets a little messed up as you can see close up picture.
if you have any ideas on how to make this thanks!!

jaroslavDate: Sunday, 2012 Feb 26, 11:52 | Message # 4
Group: Administrators
Messages: 63
Status: Offline
I think the base path should not contain corner points. Check it please.
shamguy4Date: Sunday, 2012 Feb 26, 11:55 | Message # 5
Group: Human
Messages: 2
Status: Offline
oh it does look better now. why can't you have pointed edges? cool. I don't know how I would make this without mesh tormentor. thanks!
Illustrator Forum » Questions » Vector Graphics » Tormentor - Gradient Mesh plugin (common questions)
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